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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 27, 2013 3:00am-7:00am PST

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we've dided to we're all having such a great year in the gulf, put aside our rivalry. 'cause all our states are great. and now is when the gulf gets even bett.
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the beaches and waters couldn't be more beautil. take a boat ride or just lay in the sun. enjoy the wildlife and natural beauty. and don't forget our amazing seafood. soome to the gulf, you' especially in alabama. you mean mississippi. that's florida. say louisiana or there's no dessert. brought to you by bp and all of us who ca the gulf home. >> well, good morning to you, sunday, january 27th. i am ainsley earhart filling in for ali this morning. the details are in, senator diane fine sign is laying out the plan. and guess who gets a pass? government officials, we report, you decide. >> tucker: it could be a super bowl, why they want to go no booze at all during the
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biggest game of the year. >> right. >> clayton: and plus we showed you the half court hero, the incredible shot tackled by lebron. >> and half court hooker, he probably enjoyed the hug by lebron. >> and now tackled by taxes, and make $75,000, see if he gets to keep any of it. >> "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ >> good morning, i hope you had a great weekend. >> clayton: yeah, ainsley earhart here, tucker carlson, ainsley fresh off the return to the gun range down there in texas. >> that was so fun. >> clayton: did you fire an a-47. >> no. >> were you nervous?
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>> i was down in katy, texas, offering free classes to teachers in the area. the class full of teachers and we interviewed why they were doing that and even though you're not allowed to take guns in flarms yet and hoping that does pass the state of texas. >> you looked great down there and we'll talk more about dianne feinstein's legislation, first to the headlines. >> straight to the headlines, an extreme weather alert. the midwest bracing for dangerous ice storms, sleet, snow and ice could leave behind a slippery mess in illinois and michigan as well as missouri. this as the country gets ready for a brief warm-up. rick is tracking it for us this morning. and it's a rollercoaster, hot and cold. >> it is and it's going to continue, this rollercoaster much of this week. missouri we're not worried about you as much and temperature-wise, we'll get the cold temps and retreating a little bit, but still cold obviously across the great
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lakes and the northeast, and 19 in new york and 15 in boston. improved from the last week. a storm brought a lot of rain and record breaking rain yesterday in arizona and most of that energy now, pulling out here across parts of the central plains and there you see that pink, that's where we're concerned at least to start right now, about icing. warmer air moving over the cold air at the surface and the rain hits the ground that's frozen and it freezes on contact. and roads across areas of iowa and maybe around the st. louis area where more generally towards illinois and that's going to be a zone for some icing and eventually later on today, in towards chicago. to the far north of that, places like minnesota, northern minnesota and much of wisconsin we'll be talking about snow. but this storm moving in. the good news, behind this, things are going to warm up quite a bit and big changes. look at today's high. better than yesterday. above freezing for the first time for lot of people in about a week and that's a nice
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break. tomorrow, you start to see the temps climb and towards the northeast. by tuesday. 60 degrees in washington d.c. and behind it, the next batch of colder air it's not as cold as the last one, welcome news for a lot of people. >> back to you. >> thank you, rick, for the rest of your headlines, a daring story. while north korea threatens to test nuclear weapons, the u.s. military doing some testing of its own. >> 3, 2, 1.... >> look at that, all of that fire, looking at the launch of a u.s. missile interceptor rocket, the vehicle designed to take out enemy missiles targeting our country. the u.s. missile defense agency says the test was successful display of our ability to deflect any missile from north korea or iran. >> stay song and come
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together, the republicans, paul ryan at the national institute review, and says that unity is the only way to rebound from an election loss from president obama. >> we won't play the villain in his morality plays, we have to stay united. we have to show if given the chance we can govern, that we have better ideas. >> ryan telling the g.o.p. that they must try to fit their ideas into the president's proposals while rejecting some outright. and tomorrow hottest topic, health care and limiting government spending. the nba fan who made that half court shot and was tackled by lebron james in celebration now tackled by uncle sam. >> all right, mike, here we go! (cheers) unbelievable!
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that's the longest sky-hook i've seen, it was shot around the world, and scoring him $75,000, that's before taxes. he's going to get hit hard after the governor and home state of illinois get their hands on it, about $53,000, not bad for that basketball shot! isn't that amazing and lebron tackles them and if you watch both teams went crazy which is cool. stay tuned to "fox & friends" and michael will join the show at 9:30 this morning to talk about that big shot. those are your headlines, my trend. >> i thought that was chris on-- >> chris? >> chris wears a beret. >> that was a-- >> 53,000. >> are you ready for the hypocrisy release of the morning, dianne feinstein exempts government officials
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of the very weapons that americans-- >> you can't buy them, but government officials can. >> that's right, it turns out they're pretty effective for defending yourself. they're purchasing 7,000 personal defense rifles, aka, assault rifles, the exact kind the government lectured that you don't need to protect yourself, but according them them, it's personal defense weapons. >> anyone a lawmaker? who-- >> if this proposed legislation goes forward it would have be prohibitive for government officials? thousands and thousands of people under the provisions about 2200 types of sporting and hunting rifles would be
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lumped into the legislation, so is that anyone that works in washington? anyone-- >> it's anyone who protects members of congress, fogs, members of the executive branch the bodyguard of the people who make our laws. the bottom line, the people who are banning ordinary americans from owning these weapons will be protected by people carrying the weapons. >> a weird double standard and specifically this legislation would do this, let's put out exactly what it would do, and we have that here. so this is the-- it would prohibit the sale, manufacture and transporttation of 157 more commonly-- it would have the magazine owes of ten rounds. >> that's something-- >> we saw similar to that in new york state the passing that andrew cuomo just passed, seven rounds and police are upset about that and they're having to remove three rounds
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of the chambers of their magazines so that they don't violate the very law. >> well, in new york state there was an apartmently an oversight in writing the law that did not exempt law enforcement from it and that's going to be changed. bottom line we've been told repeatedly by the vice-president and many others in the administration, you don't need these weapons to defend yourself. a shotgun is fine and yet, with that in mind fascinating to read the department of homeland security's procurement order that describes these suitable for personal defense use in close quarters. in other words, they're perfect for defending yourself, you're not allowed to have one. >> if you bought one, it will be grandfathered in, allowed to possess this if you bought them today or yesterday if you can find them, flying off the shelves. >> and this speaks to sort of of the double standard or the bandaid solutions, sort of this legislation, watered down loopholes for certain individuals and not for others, and i think this is particularly interesting that
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the parents of those that were killed in the luby massacre, were on huckabee last night and talking as we saw the gun control advocacy march on washington, they were speaking about this thing, all of these laws don't get to the heart of the matter and aren't going to do anything? >> they're a joke. the only thing that gun laws like that do is prevent people like me from being able to protect ourselves. they do not affect people who are bent on doing harm in any way, shape or form, so, i find it very frustrating when they use such a horrible event as what happened in connecticut, to try and go after guns that frankly, this is another one of my frustrations, is that these so-called assault weapons, when you talk to the average person on the street, they think they mean rapid fire weapons and you and i
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know that those rapid fire weapons have been illegal in this country since the 1930 as, so they've taken a class of guns and renamed them so that people are afraid of them, but don't shoot any differently than what i own. >> the daughter of the parents killed of the. >> her parents were killed and easy for lawmakers and all of us to form our opinions around the -- her own parents were killed and she's still an advocate for owning guns. >> tucker: you could solve this debate in one moment that passing a law that applies the same standard for everybody in the weapon. if i'm not allowed to have that weapon, dianne feinstein is not allowed to have a bodyguard with that weapon. all americans with standards. >> don't have certain guns out there in the hand of other individuals and not the people that need to protect themselves. >> just one incident, i heard an interview, a guy, a gun dealer, says one incident that happened so tragic, awful because children were, but it's because after deranged
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guy and he would have gotten hands on anyway, he didn't own the guns, they belonged to his mother. because of his derangement and his problem, the whole country is affected by the instance and he's frustrated. >> tucker: and a crazy person can affect the lives of so many. >> look at airport security and things have changed there, too. >> tucker: you shouldn't let a lone nut-case determine your public policy. >> clayton: let us know how you feel at and it was supposed to determine the future of the energy and now might sell it to china just to make money. is it worth the price. >> tucker: most decided to avoid parallel parking. and this one attempted to try it on an icy hill. >> whoa, i think he got the spot though. ♪
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>> we cannot cede to other nations new jobs and power and industry, we must claim its promise. that's how we will maintain our economic vitality and our national treasures. >> tucker: you heard it, we need to keep advanced technology here in the u.s. says the president, but now a company called a-123 systems, a battery company that you helped pay for with a quarter billion dollars in stimulus money could be handed over to china. this puts our national security at risk, say many. here to explain this is former pentagon official, who directed technology acquisitions for the army under president obabush and obama. and this is key battery technology and the u.s. taxpayers paid a quarter
3:18 am
billion dollars for that may end up in the hands of china? how does this work? >> good morning, tucker, and the rest of the material i'm with the strategic material advisors council which i co-founded and we stand in stark opposition to the sale of 123 battery to the chinese group company. this sale is occurring the at a bankruptcy proceeding because a-123 filed for bankruptcy in october of 2012. we're calling on the department of the and its committee on the foreign investment in the united states to do its job and to deny this sale. >> tucker: and so why is this specific battery technology potentially so useful to the chinese? >> well, this is -- we're talking about very, very high end, lithium ion batteries, phosphate batteries. these are not your father's and my father's c and d batteries that you buy in the
3:19 am
drug store. these are very, very high-end storage units that are used in things like drones, that are used in commercial and military satellites, that are used in combat vehicles, and many, many other places, over 91 patents involved here and it is the state of the art technology, with the u.s., as you president of the united states say, should not be ceding to foreign entities. >> tucker: it's remarkable it's happening at the same time that the united states is selling advanced aircraft, f-16's to egypt. now run by people who hate us. why are we doing that? >> well, again, i think we have a little more control over the sale of f-16's to egypt because that's a foreign military sales case that we control and we control the logistics and repair and the replacement and we have much more control. the problem is with the batteries is that we're ceding
3:20 am
complete control of this 91 patents and it's a much different-- china is a much different potential threat than egypt is. >> tucker: yes. >> so, i'm a little more confident with the f-16's we could turn those on and off as we will, but when the batteries go, they go. >> tucker: is there any way to stop it. >> for the government to do its job in national security, this committee that's meeting confidentially must deny this sale. >> tucker: and thanks an a lot for explaining this. >> you're welcome, tucker. >> tucker: are there any honest heroes left in america? it's a sad question, but are liars like lance armstrong or manti te'o the norm? dr. keith ablow explains what's happening in our culture. and guaranteed to make you think twice before you hit send. wait until you hear about an embarrassing e-mail a school
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>> some quick med lines for you, at least 30 people have been killed in egypt after a judge sentenced nearly two dozen soccer fans to death for the riot, and the uprising brought down hosni mubarak. terrible news for taxpayers in illinois, standard & poor's downgrading that state's credit rating from a to a-minus and potential to fall further and last in the united states. and for taxpayers means a 95
3:25 am
million dollar hit to their wallet, ainsley. >> ainsley: thank you, tucker, from fallen sports stars to reality tv. we're living in a world of deception. >> clayton: why is it when lance armstrong, manti te'o caught lying there's so much outrage? and joining us from the fox medical a-team, dr. keith ablow. >> ainsley: hey, dr. ablow. >> clayton: yeah, do we hear-- >> can we hear you? >> i mope you can hear me. >> clayton: nice to see you, doc, early morning and we're getting the audio kinks worked out. let's talk about manti te'o and told them up in high regard and wearing jerseys and holding them up like heroes and a fall from grace, and are we're sort of shocked by it. should we be shocked by it? >> i'm glad we're still shocked by it it, it's more pervasive than ever and a kind
3:26 am
of epidemic, we're losing as a culture our grounding in reality and it's not just the iconic figures outlyers, like manti te'o or lance armstrong, it's everybody, picking the best pictures and deleting unwanted feedback. and the cases are so much more dramatic than they used to be. >> ainsley: dr. ablow in some cases is it warranted? take lance armstrong, a sports star, a hero, it's his job, doing something that's illegal, similar to steroids in baseball, but then you have manti, that's a personal life, doesn't affect his game, it's not illegal. so in some cases is it warranted for us to be concerned and get involved? >> well, we should be concerned not because manti te'o owes us anything, but simply because when a man can be three years in love with a
3:27 am
woman who does not exist, and i shouldn't say a woman even, that's misleading, with an illusion, that doesn't exist, when he can then say, well, you know, i went through her death with her and i grieved that and we all get swept up in it, that's tremendously concerning because it means technology can take all of us away from reality and we have challenges in our country and the world. we're not going to be able to cope with an economy that's m manic and overspending if we can't focus and get our feet on the ground. the and these are-- >> we say outrage, doc, but it seems like it's not as much as people were outraged by this, they enjoy taking the social media and talking, making fun of manti te'o. does it give other people some semblancy of normalcy to say
3:28 am
this guy, a big star, he failed. my life doesn't look so bad. >> well, i think it's that, clayton, i do. i think that there is this voyeurism and a desire to say, his life is so, so bad and difficult and inexplicable. but what that mistakes, is that we ought to look in the mirror and say, wait a second, if i've got a twitter account and i think i merit followers, that's also a bit dilutional, isn't it. if i'm calling friends in the hundreds or thousands, because i say i've got a facebook account with a thousand friend, isn't that a close cousin or a distant cousin of manti te'o. we're in danger of this, manti te'o could have said i don't care if she ever existed. i loved her, grieved her death and what difference does it make and that would be further towards chaos. >> ainsley: there's a silver lining, we feel sorry, if he
3:29 am
was. and have you watched catfish? >> the movie. >> ainsley: or on tv and feel for these people who are lying on the internet. >> you can't be entirely normal and be in love with someone for three years, you've never met and not go to the bedside. >> ainsley: lots of people are doing it and learning lessons from it. >> clayton: a website and you never have to meet each other. dr. ablow, thank you for being with us. >> be well my friend. >> clayton: big government may have finally gone too far. talk of banning booze from bars during the super bowl in the city of one of the super bowl participants, we'll tell. >> ainsley: we know that parallel parking is difficult. especially on an icy hill. what is he trying to parallel park, that's when we come back.
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♪ >> this past monday, millions of americans watch barack obama take his oath of office for second term as united states of america and this coming monday, the party really starts. hey, everybody, it's me, your
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vp joe biden and i'm inviting you to join me this monday at the dover speedway at dover, delaware for a little party called the biden bash, forget the inspirational speeches and this is fun. cotton candy, an amateur dog show, a bouncing castle. do you think you can jump higher than me, find out in the game i call, do you think you can jump higher than me and be sure to join me for my kung fu exhibition. biden time, objectioh! (laughter) >> i'd go to that. i think a child could jump higher than that. >> that was "saturday night live" last night. welcome back to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning, you know, one week from today, bars, family rooms across this country will be filled to capacity, hot wings, beer, because it's the super bowl-- baltimore ravens especially
3:35 am
here. >> tucker: and jim cook to runs sam adams, what halloween is for nestle's, hershey, is super bowl. >> ainsley: and swimsuit models, wings, super bowl, anchoring that segment. >> clayton: that will be a tough day. san francisco, one of thing big participants in the super bowl going for their 6th super bowl title, i believe. 6th super bowl title. maybe more. and now, the mayor of san francisco wants to ban bars from serving alcohol during the super bowl to curb potential violence down there. >> tucker: like a third world election, basically the government says you have no self-control, you can't drink. >> clayton: there's a long history of san francisco having their bars open. >> ainsley: remember what happened at the world series in 2011, there were the riots and all of the bars were destroyed. so, what the mayor is doing, going around bar to bar to
3:36 am
some of those damaged and talking with the owners and asking them what their thoughts are, how can we settle the crowd down if it gets out of hand and trying to limit hard liquor sales. >> tucker: but he's going to the bar owners and people making responsible choices, paying taxes, rather than flipping cars over and setting cars on fire and acting like animals. >> ainsley: why not hire more security. >> clayton: who is going to pay that. >> ainsley: the bar owner, if they are making from the liquor sales. >> clayton: this is a boom, the bar owners are looking forward to it. san francisco, loves they're in the playoff. >> tucker: how hard is it not to set fires if your team loses or wins? >> they just won the world series and i don't recall there being -- maybe i'm wrong, i don't recall there
3:37 am
being big riots from that. >> tucker: no. >> clayton: am i wrong about that. they have a long history of winning there, joe he montana back-to-back super bowls and am i wrong about this? >> i have confidence in san francisco. >> ainsley: the mayor -- yeah, maybe the mayor was drunk when he came up with-- >> and they've got security cameras everywhere, if you were caught jumping on a police car or setting fire, and why don't they put your picture on the front page of chronicle and stop it. >> ainsley: and telling the bar owners what they can and can't do if it's not law. the mayor, his message is supposed to be positive and trying to keep things under control and make sure they don't get out of hand, don't get too drunk, but i think that's up to the bar owners. >> clayton: a preemptive measure, relax, if you win this thing, maybe publicly shaming individuals much like tucker was saying, putting their picture on the front page of the chronicle, these
3:38 am
morons flipped over cars. more and more parents, we've told you about it on the show, publicly shaming their kids, teenagers, breaking rules around the house. in fact, one dad publicly shaming his daughter, putting his face on a t-shirt and making her wear it, she missed enough curfews, try me. >> ainsley: and kids on the side of the road, i was shoplifting and mom is making me do this and wearing a poster board. >> clayton: or what was the laws one. hide your money, hide your clothes, hide everything 'cause i'm a thief. a 13-year-old was forced to wear that neon colored shirt from the parents, here is one of them. >> tucker: one mom placed a classified ad, mad mother selling her 16-year-old son's car because he was caught drinking and driving. >> ainsley: saving his life. >> tucker: i agree with that. but putting your picture on your t-shirt and forcing your
3:39 am
teenage daughter to wear it, i don't know about that. >> clayton: now what i see? i'm sorry to interrupt, why does it get to that point? that means you probably weren't a good parent up until that point. >> ainsley: no, you cannot say that. >> clayton: why not? >> my family, two girls and then they had my brother. and he was a terror. i love him, he's great now, he's married, an assault. but when he was growing my parents did not know what to do and when you have a child different than the other kids and disruptive. a great kid, but got in a lot of trouble and you don't know what to do. you're at your wit's end. >> clayton: they don't grow up in a vacuum, tucker, right? you've got four kids, if one became a terror, you probably did something wrong. >> tucker: you spank them every day, if you don't know why you're doing it, they will. just kidding!. >> ainsley: rather do that and discipline the kids than not discipline them at all. and now, a pre-trial hearing of a self-proclaimed master
3:40 am
mind of the september 11th attacks and his alleged co-conspirator begins tomorrow. and could be in jeopardy, the chief officer at guantanamo bay cannot agree on a con sp conspiracy charge. if it's not under the law, the they could later appeal it. and receiving an e-mail from the ceo about the illinois sat's, when they clicked on to the included link, they were sent to an adult website, yes. yep. embarrassing. and a spokesman for the school is saying a small typo is to blame. it was supposed to go to a website and a directed e-mail sent out with an apology. some people might be glad to see that. >> yeah. >> ainsley: take a look at what might be the worst parallel parker of all time.
3:41 am
the white car up the icy road, don't blink, he's caming for the right spot on right side of the road and the car goes out of control and slamming into four cars in its path. >> clayton: maybe pittsburgh. >> ainsley: and remember when you had to take the driving test, so difficult. >> clayton: yeah, we all have our stories how we were taught how to parallel park. my dad took me to the inner city and there were people on the porches on the home and not enough space for me to park, and if i hit their car off their porch and probably call me out. >> tucker: that's a good incentive to learn. >> clayton: i learned real fast. let's check with rick reichmuth. >> ainsley: where was that shot? >> was that video in real time at first. >> tucker: it won't sped up. >> rick: wow, that's bad. parallel parking is not that
3:42 am
fast especially with the self-parking car. >> ainsley: and hard when you don't have a car. >> rick: i think you and i are the only carless ones here this morning. and now what? okay, so it's dark out right now and it's been cold and sad it's winter. tell you what, here at least in new york, and for most areas here, we have about 33 minutes more of daylight now than on december 21st, so that's certainly something that we can all be thankful for and we're going on the right trend and i'll put out links on twitter to find out how much more you have since december 21st. big storm in the plains and definitely not feeling it all like heading out of winter here, we have freezing rain today. and everywhere you see that kind of purple color, parts of iowa, a little bit of missouri, illinois, ohio and little bit of michigan, ice storms from dubuque to
3:43 am
waterloo, and on top of sleet. and snow, also, the winter weather advisories and be very, very careful. a rough day today and tomorrow, temps warm up and melt the participation, but we've got to get through today first. a forecast around the northeast, a nice day, i mean, nice compared to where we've been, back above freezing in new york, above freezing in d.c., for high temperatures, that is, sunshine and feel better. down to the southeast, really a nice day and we'll see warm temperatures across texas, new orleans, 73. miami, 78. atlanta 54 with a lot of sunshine as well. and in the plains, this is where the storm will be, towards the northeast and rough going one. across the west, continuing to see very unsettled weather and more rain across parts of arizona and not as heavy as yesterday and we'll continue to see a lot of mountain snow across the inner mountain west and the rockies. >> guys, back to you inside. >> thank you, rick.
3:44 am
>> and today's college grads are going years without finding a job, what do you do? our next guest says work for free. the intern queen is here live. >> and who will win this year's super bowl only takes a few seconds for this orangutan to decide. and that's coming up. >> oh in san francisco? ♪
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the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >> welcome back, quick headlines for you, starting today. buying something with your credit card might cost you more. and merchants will be able to add a surcharge up to 4% to your receipt. who should foot the bill on credit card processing fees
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and a company like square will end up reaping the berths that have one. want to know who wins the super bowl, ask this orangutan, she's usually right. she chooses between two boxes one holding for the 49 ears and one for the ravens. and the prediction, i hope you can tell, the 49ers blanket. >> ainsley: this one is softer than the others. >> clayton: or rigged. >> ainsley: conspiracy theory. thanks so much, clayton. are we raising a generation of lazy and entitled children? more than-- a study shows that more 20-somethings than bore describe themselves as above average and having trouble finding work. >> tucker: irony of ironies. the internship will help them join experience and perspective and get a job. joining us now is author of "all work no pay" lauren burn.
3:49 am
>> hi, lauren. >> hi. >> tucker: suggesting that if people can't find a job, go to work for nothing. >> i suggest that everybody gets an internship while in college and people are starting younger and younger, high school students are starting to intern and it's more important for the college students to get two, maybe three internships under their resume' by the time they graduate, a solution for young people trying to get jobs after college. >> ainsley: don't waste your summer going to work at the local whatever, because all of your friends are working there, find something you're passionate about. >> yeah, get off the couch and get there. this generation, they're getting-- they're given a hard time, the trophy generation, the microwave generation and internships, be on the job and this could help them. >> tucker: let's look at the numbers, number in 1990, 8.6% unemployment number, and now 13.3, that's a massive, almost
3:50 am
twice a jump. is that a reflection, do you think partly on the attitude of this generation? >> i don't know that it's the attitudes, but you know, these-- i've got to go back to the internships, i see the students with internships get jobs offer faster with higher salaries and the internship is teaching more than about the job, it's teaching responsibility. with an internship, you learn to deal with rejection and again this generation is called the trophy generation, a trophy just for participating. i learned how to deal with rejection as an intern. i would apply to 10, 12, 15 internships and get rejected. >> ainsley: and helps with interview skills. >> yes. >> ainsley: and sometimes if you're interns, you might get hired at that location, and many are no pay or minimal pay, work at night as a waitress, whatever do you have
3:51 am
do. and you have some good tips, what are those. >> i always say, get comfortable dealing with rejection, you have to develop the thick skin. rejection doesn't mean never, it just means right now and that's true and you'll find that starting as an intern. the next one, just to get comfortable, feeling uncomfortable. everyone, not this generation only, but everyone loves to be in the safety zone and like to be comfortable and don't like to step outside of it. as an intern that's where young people for the first time are put in a completely different zone, in a professional environment, they've got to think about themselves like a professional. and the other is don't worry about the paycheck. yes, my book is called all work, no pay, it's a joke, but if you're an unpaid intern you should only be working 12 to 15 hours per week at a structured, structured, safe environment, but if it's -- if you're choosing between a paid opportunity, and an unpaid opportunity, it's not about the paycheck, it's about the experience. which is going to be more beneficial for you and help
3:52 am
you after you graduate. >> tucker: smart advice. >> ainsley: and a tip he she was clayton's intern at one time. see you're doing well. >> thank you. >> ainsley: and farmers selling products without a permit, but they are not going down without a fight. we'll explain. great segment. [ female announcer ] your smile. like other precious things that start off white, it yellows over time. fact is, when it comes to your smile, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest 3d white whitestrips go below the enamel surface
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3:55 am
>> regulation this morning. virginia farmers stage a pitchfork protest, a farmer was fined for hosting ahday pard without a permit. and a bill will amend virginia's right to farm act. and that farmer joins us now
3:56 am
to tell us what happened. martha, what happened? >> well, let's see we -- my best friend's ten-year-old daughter was having a birthday party and at our farm, and the zoning administrator for my county went on my facebook page and printed off pictures of my family and friends at this birthday party and then i received a citation for having a birthday party. >> clayton: a citation for having a birthday party on your own land. >> a private party. >> clayton: what was the complaint. the indication was told it was considered an event and there by we would need two zoning permits and a site plan because it was considered an event. >> clayton: so, these farmers and others held a pitchfork protest in your honor. what did that protest try to do to bring awareness about? >> about, it's also about private property rights and the idea that you know, the small family farmer does a lot of things to make ends meet and struggles. and to make sure that they're
3:57 am
not driven off of their land because of overregulation and it's to support, the small family farm from ever happening again, because if it can happen to me, it can happen to anybody. >> the right to farm bill and the new piece of legislation that the congressman is trying to put forth is trying to do what and how will it help them specifically in virginia? >> the right to farm act is designed to help the small family farmer, as what happened to me, there's some misinterpretations out there, perhaps, that are preventing small family farmers being table to do what's been done for generations, since forever and virginia's agriculture is so important to the local economy, and keeping it, keeping small family farmers viable and on their land, is what the bill is trying to protect. >> you're not flush with cash, when you get hit by a fine for a birthday party, where does it hurt. where does it stand.
3:58 am
have you been able to fight that. >> the charges are looming over my head. and right now, we're in the process of going through a the court process and it's my, my hope and my dream, childhood dream to be a virginia farmer, that you know, ultimately we'll be able to get back to doing what we're doing, one of the greatest joy of my life, having people come to the farm and experience farming and that joy is gone. >> look the at her, i want to give her everything. >> you know, everything can cost upwards. so i can just go talk to 'em? just walk right in and talk to 'em. dude, those guys are pros. they'll hook you up with a solid plan. they'll -- wa-- wa-- wait a minute. bobby? bobby! what are you doing, man? i'm speed dating! [ male announcer ] get investing advice for your family at e-trade.
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♪ hah
4:01 am
>> good morning to you today. sunday, january 27th. i'm ainsley earhart filling in for alisyn. nancy pelosi's health care prediction coming true. >> but we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. >> ainsley: now word that the health care law might cover illegal immigrants as well. . >> tucker: don't expect the price of milk to drop anytime soon. the government cracking down
4:02 am
on stores that sell it too cheaply. >> clayton: you never thought this movie might come true. the government under pressure from peta, releasing hundreds of lab chimpanzees into the woods. where is james franco when you need him. >> tucker: can we say that none of this made up, ap this is entirely real, if you think you stumbled on the onion version. >> clayton: and i was driving down in the city like this. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> hello, good morning to you, happy sunday. >> clayton: it wouldn't that be odd in new york city to be driving down the street and seeing a chimpanzee. >> ainsley: why would that be odd. >> tucker: in new york, anything can happen, a city of 8 million people. >> ainsley: we begin with an
4:03 am
extreme weather alert. the midwest bracing for the dangerous storm there, sleet, snow, ice today and a slippery mess in illinois and michigan and in missouri. as the country gets ready for a brief warm-up, rick is tracking it for us. good morning, rick, how are you? >> can't be that long if it's still january. a little bit after warm-up and very nice for people to feel it temporarily and 28 in minneapolis right now, that feels a lot better than minus 10 that you saw earlier this week. it's getting better and you see the temps, minneapolis, 28, 25 in chicago, moisture headed that way and it's warmer up above, up in the upper atmosphere, so, falling as rain instead of snow and hits the cold ground below and that freezes and that's where the concern for the ice storm is. you see on the radar picture. rain moving across parts of nebraska and missouri and you see the pink develop and that's where we see that. the storm and freezing rain.
4:04 am
over the next 36 hours, you see a lot of places here, places of iowa stretched over chicago and rockford and maybe towards madison and see that icing, to the north of that mostly snow. later on moves on towards detroit and by tomorrow morning, a little bit of snow in towards new york city, if you're travelling through there and then icing behind that. a little bit of snow and sleet and ice and eventually moves out and we warm up, and he so that means where we see that snow or that ice and freezing rain, eventually melts with the air over it. and treacherous in the short-term. freezing rain advisories in effect and this stretch from dubuque to waterloo, a storm warning in addition to the winter storm warning. temperature-wise for highs, 33 in chicago. tomorrow, in the 40's and 50's.
4:05 am
>> thank you. >> rick: you bet. >> ainsley: in washington rallying for more gun control. ♪ ♪ america, america, god shed his grace on thee ♪ well, it it started with a silent march from capitol hill to the washington monument and lawmakers spoke out calling for universal background checks on gun buyers and bans on assault weapons in the wake of the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. meanwhile, a violent weekend in a city with one of the strictest gun control policies. cops in chicago responding to six deadly shootings in one day. of those killed, two were double homicides and all, but one of the shootings happened in broad daylight. no arrests have been made and chicago saw 506 homicides, that's from years before and killings in others cities dropped. could the streets of louisiana one day look like this?
4:06 am
more than 300 chimpanzees used by the government for research will now be spending their days here. it's called chimp haven, 200 acre national sanctuary in louisiana, a committee under pressure from peta, agreed to their release, they will have free rein to play and relax, and no word for who is paying for all of this. those are the headlines. >> thanks. there seems to be more broad-based bipartisan support these days for immigration reform in this country and it seems that though immigration reform could have an unintended consequence on our health care system. and obamacare, if immigration reform goes through. because right now undocumented workers, illegal aliens would not be and are not available for being a part of the affordable care act, aka
4:07 am
obamacare. that could change if reform goes through. >> tucker: this is a consequence for some people there is a caucus within the house pushing hard for this and pressure on the president and immigration reforms means whatever you want it to mean. >> clayton: sure. >> tucker: for a number of key democrats in the house it means allowing illegal aliens to partake both in obamacare and in medicaid and the rational is, this will somehow make medicine cheaper by giving free health care to people here illegally. hard to believe that. >> also the argument, it would make the burden when you have undocumented workers, going to the hospitals and getting emergency room treatment and footing the bill for it. they say that the hospitals would now get paid for it, instead of doing it free. >> tucker: paid by taxpayers. >> clayton: so we would still be paying for it. >> ainsley: will they pay into it, illegal immigrants once they get papers and eligible to buy coverage or medicare,
4:08 am
are we paying for it or they pay into it? >> that's a good question. >> tucker: let me answer that, we may for it and the irony of this all of this you'll remember in 2009 during the the president's state of the union address, his first, he said explicitly, in my new health care program, illegal aliens will not be eligible for company. at that point joe wilson republican from south carolina jumped up and said, you lie and he was excoriated for doing that and how could you ever call the president into question. and turns out joe wilson may be right. i would be surprised if the white house doesn't get behind it in the next year. >> clayton: implicit in the law though, this is not, right, this would be separately in immigration reform. currently, these individuals are illegal. they cannot be a part of obamacare. >> tucker: that's correct. >> clayton: if immigration reform goes through, this would have to be a separate piece of legislation that would then roll them into this and yet, they might not be citizens, right, if they get papers that allow them to work here. >> tucker: exactly right. the idea is that people who
4:09 am
have what we're calling a path to citizenship, others call it amnesty, here illegally to find a way to stay and become citizens, that those people would be eligible for government health care. >> ainsley: why couldn't they have the same system that we have. if we want health care coverage we get jobs and we have to pay into that. we pay x amount of dollars out of the paycheck every time we get paid. if they want health care, if anyone wants health care, i'm all for that. i want people to have health care, especially children, elderly, pay into it, do the same that everyone else does and pay into it. >> everyone else doesn't pay into it, that's the thing. >> ainsley: but that's-- another bill, another cost. >> clayton: wouldn't this somehow save money though? if we're all footing the bill for undocumented illegal immigrants right now at hospitals and they get free coverage because we're footing the bill for it. and paychecks and this money is coming out of their paycheck, wouldn't the burden
4:10 am
then be spread on-- >> depends whether they're taking more out of the system than they're paying into the system. as of now, people in that income level are taking out more-- >> and hospital are they allowed to ask illegal aliens? >> i don't believe that emergency rooms, i don't believe they have to. we were talking about the streets of louisiana overrun with chimps looking for bananas. >> tucker: and that's-- >> with spears, by the way. now louisiana may be in trouble, at least some supermarkets, in trouble for lowering the price of milk for a sale. you see the sales all the time for meat and different products when you go to the grocery store and my father worked a long time in the grocery business and do the sales, this kind of meat is on sale in the meat department. this particular supermarket. >> ainsley: fresh market. >> clayton: the fresh market down there, very, very nice.
4:11 am
>> ainsley: a fun place to shop. >> clayton: $2.99 for milk, on sale. not if the government says. >> ainsley: it's a government control over the prices, if you mark did down 6% above the invoice price whatever the grocery store paid for it in addition to the shipping cost. you're not allowed to decrease the price of milk and when we first heard it, what? shouldn't they be allowed to decrease the price, didn't they buy the milk and allowed to do with it as they're pleased. they're not allowed to. it's controlled. >> tucker: of course, someone spent time lobbying the congress and if you're in the dairy business you get a return on the process. who gets shafted? consumers. it'd be wonderful if we have this, if i'm selling magazine stories great if the federal government required them to buy them at a certain price. but they don't have a lobbyist. >> clayton: you need to get a cheese lobby behind them. the cheese lobby is very, very strong. >> tucker: at a time when food
4:12 am
and commodity prices are rising, it's hurting average people. the cost of groceries has gone up dramatically. >> ainsley: and especially at fresh market. paint the picture, flowers everywhere, classical music, the smell of roasted gourmet coffee, unbelievable. cannisters of peanuts and nuts and roasted almonds and candy. >> clayton: making me hungry. >> ainsley: a great experience, it's expensive. you're paying for the luxury to shop at the store and get to the milk aisle and everything else is pricey, get a deal on the milk and now we're learning-- >> after the picture you painted, i would pay anything there. >> clayton: get a cot and sleep there. what you think, and unexpected delay of game when a bat starts dive bombing the basketball players. >> ainsley: whoa. aren't they supposed to sleep during the day? >> not at basketball games. and then golfer phil mickelson
4:13 am
not the only high tax person potentially leaving the state of california. more and more people taking refuge in the state of texas. ♪ all my ex's live in texas ♪ ♪ after years of celebrations, marie callender's gives you a way to make any day a special occasion. new mini cream pies for one. real whip cream and a cookie-crumb crust. marie callender's. it's time to savor. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur
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>> pro golfer phil mickelson may not be the only resident teed off about taxes in california. it could drive out thousands of working class residents. someone who moved from california to texas, a former california state assemblyman and author of the book "the texas model" prosperity in the lonestar state. chuck, nice to see you. >> great to be back. >> clayton: let's talk about phil off the top here to explain to people what happened. he was talking about the
4:17 am
burdensome tax rate in california that he kind of went out on twitter and apologized i'm not going to talk more about it. no one needs a sports guy complaining, but beyond that at the heart of it is the burdensome tax rate in that country and it is a major problem, so much so you had to leave the state. >> well, what's happening in california is the cumulative effect of high taxes, burdensome regulations and a bad lawsuit climate, and the bigger story isn't just phil mickelson or someone like tiger woods who used to live in my old state assembly district until he took off for florida which has no income tax at all. the bigger issue, the pro golfers, they're kind of like the symptom or the canary in the coal mine. the much bigger issue is the tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, small business owners hard-working folks who leave california and often end up in places like texas where there's no income tax. >> clayton: my father-in-law runs a landscaping company in
4:18 am
california and other family members who live in california and work there, san jose, for example, burdensome regulation trying to build a patio on the restaurant in downtown san jose and built the patio, a regulator sees it, this needs to be over two inches and they have to eat the cost, they he don't want to do it and want to move the business out of state. >> absolutely correct. in fact, regulations are a huge issue in california. let me give you two examples, land use regulations senior rve make the person who wants to build a strip mall, typically four or five years to build that in california and in texas, for to five months for permission. so bad when i was in the legislature, we had a bill that sought to look at the cost of regulation of small business in the state of california and the answer came
4:19 am
back later, it was so embarrassing that former governor schwarzenegger didn't want to publish it and we had to force it out. the total cost, hurts small business compliance costs are about $134,000 a year for the state of california. >> clayton: no wonder, people doesn't want to open up and start business there is in california. i want to know what is texas doing right that california is not. put up statistics. the poverty rate 16.5% versus california 23%. unemployment texas 6.2%, remember during the election we were talking about texas as a model for the nation, what were they doing right. california 9%. income tax rate none. california one of the highest in the country. corporate tax rate, none. >> california a flat rate of 8.8%. so, are those four categories, what texas is doing right or is there something else? >> well, yes, it goes not only to the tax rate, but what do you do with all of that tax money? if you look at the state and
4:20 am
local level, california government consumes about 33% more of the economy than it does in texas at the state and local level. and when you have bigger government, it doesn't just lead to more taxes, it leads to more regulations, the government is a bigger part of people's lives in the state of california. and this is reflected with this massive outmigration, this domestic out migration, people leaving the state of california 2 million more americans left california than moved into california in the last ten years. of course, i was one of them. and one of the things that you see is the impact of these tax rates on business activity. one of the things that happened in the last couple of years that people don't realize is that california put into effect the biggest tax increase in u.s. history at the state level, in february of 2009, but it was temporary and when that tax expired in
4:21 am
early 2011, the california job market start today recover faster than the u.s. average for those couple of years during the lower taxes, but what people don't realize in 2009 when they had the higher taxes, california was losing jobs the at almost three times the u.s. average. about 100,000 extra jobs were lost because of the high taxes in 2009. >> clayton: chuck, is the author of the book "the texas model prosperity in the lonestar state and lessons for ameri america" knows what he's talking about. >> thank you. >> clayton: one of the most dramatic moments during hillary clinton's capitol hill. >> had i been in charge at the time, and found you didn't read the cables from the ambassador, i would have you leave your post. >> and some want her nominated for the nobel peace prize instead. and the super bowl also known
4:22 am
as the pro bowl, coaches are brothers, harbaugh brothers, what does their birth order tell us about how they'll handle the big game. that's next. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms.
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4:25 am
>> the harbaugh brothers will make history one week from today as they become the first set of siblings to face off as head coaches in the biggest sporting event of the year, the super bowl. who will come out on top? well, did you know their birth order could have a big impact on the coaching styles.
4:26 am
here to explain this is dr. kevin layman. >> good morning, ainsley, i'm doing good, thanks. >> ainsley: thank you. you're the author of the birth order book, we're showing you the book right now. it's fascinating because it's always interesting to learn the birth order and find out if the kids really follow suit as far as the personalities are concerned. will you break down those brothers for me and tell me he if they follow suit? >> yeah, in any family the first two brothers or first two sisters, different. and fascinating how they come out of the same den and so different. john is typical, poised, an achiever, sort after cool guy, probably keeps his emotions close to his chest. where little brother jim, only 15 months apart so these kids competed from toddlerhood on up. but jim is most likely to what, throw a temper tantrum on the side line during the game. one is a risk taker, that
4:27 am
would be jim. one is more cautious, that would be john. in fact, we could call this the battle of the birth orders and on top of that, joe flacco, from baltimore, is a first born, and colin kaepernick is the baby. >> so i wonder how that will come into play as the quarterbacks face off on the gridiron? >> well, i think one is more likely it to shoot from the hip and take a risk, that would be kaepernick, but it's going to -- i think this could be one of the greatest super bowls we've seen. i think it's got great elements in it. >> i love that you say that, john, it's true to form because john, when you interview john, it's cool and he doesn't like an interview question he smiles a little bit and jim on the other hand will make the reporters not feel so good about themselves if they ask a question he thinks is not the smartest. >> well, babies will shoot from the hip and you know, in the business world, your top salespeople are youngest children in the family. they can sell dead rats for a living. so they use their personality.
4:28 am
you look at presidents of the united states, of the 44 presidents we've had, 28 of them have been functional first borns or only children as i call them. >> ainsley: oh, really? >> and they're successful. when a parent needs something done with the home who do they call on? call on the first born. we groom first borns for achievement and success. astronauts, 23, 21 are first borns and two are onlies. >> ainsley: parents do something right and the bowden family with tommy and bobby and played each other as well and i was curious to find out what their mom was going to do during the game. what is she saying? which son is she pulling for? >> i think that moms are obviously going to pull for both of their sons, if i were the parents, and i were at the super bowl, after the ball game, i would run out to the 50 yard line and see which son came for comfort. my guess it's going to be jim.
4:29 am
>> ainsley: i was going to ask you, what are you predicting. 49ers, he's going to need mama? >> bet your nickel on the first borns. you mentioned bobby bowden, i've been in bobby's office and he's got an autographed picture from his son, dad, he see you in the sugar bowl and it's signed mama's boy. >> ainsley: well, in that case, ann always pulls for her husband, all right. so, thank you so much, so good to see you. >> thank you. >> ainsley: we appreciate you be being here. all right, we told you about the little girl punished for bringing a paper gone it school and this morning there's a big judgment to that story coming up next. it's one of the best things about super bowl sunday. it's food. we're firing up the grill early, tailgating begins and i understand it involves a swimsuit model, guys, right after the break. ♪ born on a bayou ♪ ♪ born on a bayou ♪ s life can b, s life can b, a little uncomfortable.
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serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet, or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while sleeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. see your doctor, and for a 30-day free trial, go to >> welcome back. how would you like to see this at a baseball game and enjoying your popcorn and beer and suddenly a bat flies out of the rafters, sweeping down on the basketball game. and it stopped playing several times during the marquette providence game. the lights are off, it's nighttime and bats go out and they think they're in the belfrey. >> and i love the one guy,
4:34 am
hiding behind the other player and so scared of a bat. >> and could you hit a bat with a rolled up towel? that's impressive, you belong in the nba, you belong in the justice league where you belong. >> all right. let's check in with rick, rick reichmuth, he's telling us about the weather this morning. >> rick: yeah, if you hit that bat, some people are mad. >> clayton: the bat peta people. >> rick: they're one of my favorite creatures. >> clayton: they're one of your favorite creatures. >> rick: they're the greatest creatures. >> ainsley: like count chocula thing-- >> no, radar, and survive so fast and upside down, come on. >> tell me if you agree, i know there's a lot of bat lovers out there. >> rick: big storms going on across the plains and we'll see more rain and snow and distribute bans, majority is into the plains and as you
4:35 am
move forward and see this, the rain moved through kansas city and it's that big area of pink that we're concerned about. if you take a look at the temperatures, below freezing, but you've got the precipitation moving in and it's warmer up above and it's not falling as snow, it's falling and, falling as a little bit of sleet and then freezing rain. so, it's icing right on contact. and that's why all of those interstates you see there and highways and roads are going to be looking at a coating of ice and going to make travel, very, very dangerous, the worst conditions that you can have. snow is much preferable over ice if you're going to drive. stay off the roads here, this could be with us all day long as that continues to pull in. however, get ready because it will warm up behind it and then melt that ice. so, got to get through one day of this ice storm, back to you inside. >> ainsley: thank you so much, rick. we begin with your headlines, a fox news alert, and 200 injured after a fire ripped through a nightclub in santa
4:36 am
maria brazil. take a look at the aftermath. officials say it started by a bond's fireworks display and according to reports, the death toll could rise and firefighters go over the scene. a nationwide manhunt underway for this guy, rocky marquez, escaped from jail and took cops days to notice he wasn't there. switched wristbands with another inmate about to go free and walked out of the front door it and this is not the first time that he's pulled off this clever stunt. he escaped jail in phoenix the same way. m he was awaiting extradition to phoenix. and does this look like a threat to you. a fifth grader, yelled at and searched for bringing the paper gun and the district spokesman claims she told glass mates, she had a handgun, something she denies. she says her grandfather
4:37 am
folded the paper that way and when it was a the backpack, went to throw it away and a student told her teacher. >> and yelled at me and said i shouldn't have brought a gun to school and i told him it was a paper gun and he wouldn't listen. >> ainsley: and the mother is having the precious girl home school. hillary clinton has been called senator, secretary of state, and how about nobel peace prize winner? and democrats, online tribute to her, posted a petition to thank clinton as she steps down as secretary of state. and those are your headlines. the guys are outside, what are you doing out there? >> we're talking food. you can hear us talking food. >> yes. >> and the tailgate party is set up outside, and we're at the super bowl with great friends and football fans.
4:38 am
>> yes, steve is a taste of chef. for guru and the-- >> look on camera, which is the swimsuit model. >> it's hard. >> and it's me, and all right. so the key to creating a great super bowl tailgate party take us through it, and we've been following and you know it well. >> the reason we're on the trip. and go and an rv from boston to new orleans, and stop at the favorite tailgate dishes and have a good time and enjoy the festivities. >> the key to good tailgate food, a finger food and making sure everyone can get their hands on it. >> get everything ready early and you don't want to be there with the guests, and you want to be near the tv and watch the game and get everything
4:39 am
done ahead of time. that's why we're doing short ribs and crab cakes, and meatballs and our chili cheese steaks, and we sell at bj's. >> and how hard are they to make. >> you go to the store and buy them, and we have the new salmon ones, as well. and you're going to plate up. >> plate up short ribs for you. >> look at those. >> oh. >> this is real food here. >> and as soon as we hit commercial break, i'm going to eat that. >> look at that, all of the recipes on my twitter account, and if anybody wants to follow up. and oh, take the onions here. >> tucker: unbelievable. >> clayton: jessica, do models eat? when you see this kind of food, you're dispelling the rumor that you don't eat. >> what would you eat. >> oh, absolutely. >> be honest, no cameras here,
4:40 am
you're alone on the sidewalk with all of these food. what would you dig into? >> i would go for the sliders and those spring rolls, for real. i mean, i work out a lot so you have to balance out your life and enjoy life and part of enjoying life is eating. >> clayton: i like at that attitude. >> you know? >> and carrie football and you've been following this for years, when you hit the road, what do you eat. thousand miles from boston to new orleans, what are you eating on the road? >> i'm not quite as good a chef as he and don't want to go toe to toe with him. i have a lot of sandwiches, typical of new orleans type. pickles, vegetables on it, a great flavor and add a little baltimore style shrimp easy to make and the recipes at football >> tucker: where do you get them outside of new orleans? >> i made it myself.
4:41 am
and great inning about mouflatta, and it's just, an italian-- pickles and vegetables and great for the game. >> and can i tell you a confession? this is my first tailgating party. >> really? and interview and you all live well. >> well, don't forget, open in new york, and right across from grand central. >> do we have, you pick that up the spring rolls and the short ribs, sliders, the baltimore, what is it the crab cakes. >> on what website. >> on my twitter account, and we'll take care of anything you need. >> wonderful, fantastic. >> wonderful. >> and once the super bowl is over, buy the sports illustrated swimsuit edition to cheer you up.
4:42 am
>> thanks. >> had the bikini on she told us earlier. >> too cold. >> that would be abuse out here. thank you so much, back inside. >> she's used to being in the bikini and warm her up a little bit. >> i don't think so, thank you, though. >> ainsley: while do you that, i'm going to tell you what's coming up. you want to be rich our next guest says the first step is marriage. we'll explain that story. and the ad campaign that went horribly wrong when the flying banner came crashing down. ♪
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
♪ he loves her, but she loves this guy here ♪ ♪ he loves somebody else, you
4:46 am
just can't win ♪ ♪ and so it goes till the day you die ♪ ♪ the thing they call love, is gonna make you cry ♪ i hate you! ♪ i've had the blues, and one thing for your... love stinks ♪ >> well, that guy says love stinks, yeah, yeah, yeah, we know the lyrics, but the next guest says forget this love bashi bashing ballads, tv sit comes, in real life marriage is a good deal. and here is steven krouter who recently tied the knot and congratulations to you. >> thank you, and she's way out of my league, so extra congratulations are in order. >> ainsley: we're be looking at a picture. she's gorgeous. you did very well. >> a great. >> ainsley: and marriage is
4:47 am
great and tell people at home who are loory of it. >> the reason i felt the calling to write this is because i got married outside of my parents and her parents, everything we watched, everyone we spoke it said you shouldn't get married you're signing your life away, the ball and chain and everything we watch as far as tv sit comes, artists or actors that we follow. there's this idea that marriage is a thing, not a good thing and young people, statistically feel as they they should avoid it because of the way we allow to be portrayed and this is why it's a good deal. i'm a christian, and i make no apologies for it, and this makes the statistical arguments. >> ainsley: i love the first one, you say you'll be richer. explain this for me. >> yeah, exactly. it's as simple as that, you will be richer, people say, yeah, get out your checkbook you're getting a wife. not only do married people have a higher network, higher
4:48 am
income, but leads me to point number two, the kids will be richer, which that right there is point number two, think of the kids, okay? let's just look at statistically, the single biggest indicator of child poverty or not, of course, whether the original parents are still together. we want good healthy nuclear families in the united states and people don't like me saying that because it's judgment, but look at statistics and this column, you'll wind it to be truthful. >> ainsley: the intimacy factor gets better when you're married. >> yeah, well, i mean pg-13 for on air, because i'm talking about sex in the confines of marriage, exactly, and people say you get married and that's it, sleeping with one person the rest of your life on a thursday if you're lucky. the fact is, this whole kind of idea we have of the guys are picking up the hot chicks and the guy is married sitting alone in bed. no, the guy at the bar probably toils away fruitlessly goes home alone and by that time the married
4:49 am
man got busy a few times and had a sandwich. if you get married, you have nor sex, and physically people who are married say better sex. i'm sorry to make judgment, but these are the facts. >> ainsley: you say you won't be such a pathetic sloth. >> this is true for the men out there. because men, we're naturally pathetic sloths and men have higher productivity rates and of course a higher income when he they get married because women do a good job of whipping us into shape and don't need to wake up in a pile of your own filth in the fridge and looking for beer. >> ainsley: not dying sick, miserable or alone. >> yeah, exactly. and an eye catcher. it is, and the fact is again we talked about married people live longer, healthier, happier lives and see in a sit com, oh, my wife take her, please. not only are they healthier and happier, women have higher cancer survivor rates and men go to the emergency room less
4:50 am
and go to the doctor less frequently and correlation is not caw sayinusation, you look e sources 12 each, and maybe what we've been fed on marriage isn't quite true. if you're young out there, thinking of it and do it right, yes, making a judgment and not talking shacking up and co-habitation, if you're thinking of marriage, do it right. and if i've said anything thatf find on twitter s crowder, send me a message. >> ainsley: it's great to hear the message. when you get engaged, are you sure you want to do that and they're joking around and don't mean it, but that negativity is perpetuated and nice to hear why marriage is wonderful and plus when you get married and remember you got engaged and wedding the great moments are perpetuated when you have kids and they get engaged and married. and it's just a grit
4:51 am
experience. >> clayton: you're right. >> it adds up to a picture of living complete life and i appreciate you said that. the ball and chain is a societal joke, but how often people counter balance that and say i'm joking, marriage is the best thing you're going to do, and you're happier and your life will have purpose, not enough people do that. >> ainsley: thanks for your words of wisdom, steven. big government may have finally gone way too far. new talk of banning booze from bars during the super bowl? and buying with a credit card starting today, there could be a charge fee for just that, for swiping your card. laurie rothman up next to it will you how much and how you can avoid it. ♪ i can't believe what god has done, through us he's given life to one ♪ ♪ isn't she lovely ♪ [ male announcer ] here's a word that could give you peace of mind. unbiased. some brokerage firms are. but way too many aren't. why? because selling their funds makes them more money.
4:52 am
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4:55 am
ifrments >> this is a segment you need to hear if you plan to do shopping. >> tucker: payments with credit cards can be more expensive thanks to fees that go into effect. >> ainsley: and one more bill to pay. here is what we need to know before we swipe that card. lori rothman. >> hi, thanks, guys. >> ainsley: what is the increase? >> here is a quick background, seven banks and master card and visa agreed to a settlement and master card and visa can charge you the customer extra cash up to 4% of the entire purchase just for using your credit card. and calling it it a swipe fee or checkout fee, it's banned in ten states like california, colorado, florida, texas, new york and that saves tens of
4:56 am
millions of consumers this extra fee, but again, the settlement came because the credit card companies themselves were charged by the processors a fee every time consumers use the credit card. so now the credit card companies are turning it around to offset that cost on us. and-- >> and so if i go, i don't live in one of the states and i biosomething, my bill will say, here is an extra 4%? >> that's a good point, tucker, merchants who do that, must post it in clear signage, we're charging you 4% ab and the merchants can't bury it as the cost and you the consumer has the right to say, well if you're going to charge me 4%, give me a discount somewhere else, in your right to negotiate. >> ainsley: a swipe fee. >> swipe fee. >> ainsley: for internet did $-- >> no, why not shop online.
4:57 am
you're not going to have the big retailers, wal-mart, costco, the big retailers. because you're a captive audience and in this tough economic climate no way they're going to alienate you by charging you an extra percentage points on top of your high bill you're struggling to pay. >> tucker: this is a huge advantage for online retailers. >> especially because we know the shipping holidays, seems there's a free shipping holiday and there's a competition to face online and in other words, the new customers and the shipping fees, if you look at it that way. if it's a surcharge or a flight fee, it's kind of a wash, but i think you're looking at a retail industry right now that's under pressure, because, again, the economic situation, and high unemployment and they're being squeezed by the credit card companies themselves and so, they're just, and the bank situation, looking for additional revenue.
4:58 am
>> and boy, that's really tight and helpful explanation. >> thank you. >> well, the ruling by the u.s. supreme court calling president obama's recess appointments unconstitutional. will anything change? joining us live from washington next hour to explain. what do we want to build next ? that's the question. every day. when you have the most advanced tools, you want to make something with them.
4:59 am
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5:01 am
>> good morning to you, it's sunday, january 27th. one day from my mother's birthday. i'm ainsley earhart in for alis alisyn. the right to bear arms, at obama administration pushes for tougher gun control laws, officials would get an exception for firearms. >> and a chapel in afghanistan, is this the p.c. police going too far? we report, you decide. >> clayton: and sobering news for football fans, a penalty flag might be thrown on drinking during the big game.
5:02 am
we'll explain what town could go dry. >> ainsley: not going to work. >> clayton: on super bowl sunday. "fox & friends" hour three begins right now. ♪ >> welcome to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning and that's tucker carlson, ainsley earhart and i'm clayton morris, you're not seeing things, we actually have quadruplets, sisters, part of the new jersey basketball team, leading this team to victory. qu quadle quad dr quadruplets. >> and the midwest placing for extreme weather, in illinois,
5:03 am
michigan and missouri as the country gets ready to defrost just a bit and not for long with warmer temperatures and tracking it off is rick reichmuth taking us on the rollercoaster again, right? >> it's going to be in the northern mains and northeast, a nice warm-up and the cold front is not as cold as the last one. that we have to look forward to. you see the dark colors and retreat out to the north and bringing 20's, even some 30's across some of the area, that's been so impacted by all of the cold weather. and this ice what we're talking about, a storm yesterday across parts of the southwest and we'll see the unsettled weather today. but now more significant main and a little bit of mixing and that's the ice that we're concerned about, show you that again and the second grfshg there. here is the ice we're talking about. in towards illinois and where you see the pink, we've the got the rain falling over very cold temperatures at the surface and that's causing the icing and the freezing rain. so, all of the highways,
5:04 am
across eastern iowa into northeastern missouri, much of illinois at this point are going to be frozen over, so be very careful. stay off the roads if you can, no way really to drive on ice safely, a great equalizer, all cars, four-wheel drive or not will not be able to drive on the ice. and ice storm warning across iowa and across minnesota and eventually turn to snow across the north as well. and temps are warming up in the northeast. take a look at the colors, green starting to spread. and st. louis, talking about ice today and tomorrow and pushing 70 degrees, any ice you get is not going to last long, obviously. guys, back to you. >> ainsley: okay. thank you so much, rick. for the rest of the headlines, while north korea threatens to do testing, the u.s. military doing testing of its own. >> 3, 2, 1... >> okay, what you're looking at here, the launch of a u.s. missile inseptemberer rocket.
5:05 am
the vehicle is signed to take any any enemy missiles targeting our country and the u.s. missile defense agency says the test was successful display of our ability to destroy any missile threatening us from north korea or from iran. that's good news at least. stay strong and stay together. that's the call to republicans from their former vice-presidential nominee, paul ryan is speaking at the national institute summit and happened yesterday, he said unity is the only way to rebound from an election loss to president obama. >> we won't play the villain in his morality plays. we have to stay united. we have to show that if given the chance, we can govern. that we have better ideas. >> ryan telling the g.o.p. that they must try to fit their ideas into the president's proposals, while rejecting some outright. some of the hottest topics, limiting governor spending. the nba fan who made a half
5:06 am
court shot and tackled by lebron james, did you see this, he's celebrating, and he's getting tackled by uncle sam as well. >> all right. mike, here we go! (cheers) >> can you believe he made it. >> lebron tackles him and they go to the ground there. the hook shot around the world. and scoring him 75,000. that's before taxes and after the government home state of illinois they get the hands on the paycheck and walk away with $53,000. not bad for that basketball shot. right? stay tuned for "fox & friends" and we're going to interview and michael is on the show at 9:30 to talk about that shot. >> i love that photo. >> ainsley:en he said he'd practiced and practiced. 1% of shots. >> tucker: and did he
5:07 am
practiced getting tackled by lebron james. >> clayton: shoulder is separated. >> need that for the surgery. >> tucker: and a quote assault weapons ban, if you read the fine print. government officials are exempt from that ban. >> clayton: that's the rub in this and they're grandfathered into this. and here is what the bill would do, if it passes of course. it would prohibit the sale and manufacture, transfer importation of 157 of the most commonly owned military assault style weapons. it will ban large capacity magazines that hold more than ten rounds. now, what everybody everyone is talking about that, the grandfather clause would be the exempt at the date of enactment. and 2200 legitimate sporting rifles exempt and bolt, pump or lever or slide action would be exempt and officials and law enforcement and retired
5:08 am
law enforcement officials would also be exempt. >> ainsley: you know, what maps in the urban area is different than the rural area. yesterday i was in texas at a gun range talking to some of the folks there and they have farm land and use the guns to protect their wild animals from getting their crops, and they need some of these, they say, easier to kill the animals if they have some of the weapons that are going to be banned. >> tucker: here is the problem with all this. we're being told that as ordinary citizens don't work for the government you don't need these weapons to protect yourselv yourselves, buy a double-barrel shotgun. and yet, they're having an order, assault rifles, defined by the department of homeland security, suitable for defense. and high capacity magazines-- >> and make people who make the laws and get full protection and their body
5:09 am
guards have these, but you can't get one for your home and protect your family. >> clayton: and vice-president biden was in richmond talk to go the chief of police of los angeles and others in that state, former governor tim kaine of that state and put in military assault style bans after the virginia tech shootings and out there, and on a listening tour, taking a poll from the country and if you're not done yet with the legislation and haven't even finished your assessment where we need to go as a country and then you have dianne feinstein putting the information out there in a potential bill already, before we have the president's assessment of all of this, just doesn't make any sense. it seems the bandaid approaches, you have the exemptions and loopholes and don't end up doing anything like what they're supposed to be doing. all of these holes, all of tea these loopholes and watered down versions. >> tucker: look, we can solve all of this, if you're telling me i don't need one of these
5:10 am
to protect myself then you don't need one as a government official to protect yourself. let's make any gun control law applicable to everyone. you'll get to disarm me and keep weapons for yourself, i'm sorry. >> clayton: and the commission may come to that conclusion. >> tucker: they'll never come to that conclusion. no way they'll take away things they think keep them safe, but they'll take them from you. >> ainsley: it's not fair to punish the rest of america who are responsible and have the training. and you cannot carry a gun unless you have the training and if you have buy a been-- >> and advocates are calling for more control and parents of some of the slain students, children up in sandy hook elementary school and then you also had last night, on governor huckabee's show the
5:11 am
daughter of the parents killed in that luby massacre talking about gun control and some of the laws and pieces of legislation are floated by the likes of dianne feinstein wouldn't do anything, listen to her. >> they're a joke. the only thing that gun laws like that do is prevent people like me from being able to protect ourselves. they do not affect people who are bent on doing harm in any way, shape or form. so, i find it very frustrating when they use such a horrible event as what happened in connecticut to try and go after guns that frankly, this is another one of my frustrations, is that these so-called assault weapons, when you talk to the average person on the street, they think they mean rapid fire weapons, and you and i know that those rapid fire weapons have been illegally in this country since the 1930's, so they're taking a class of guns and renamed them so that people are afraid of them.
5:12 am
but they don't shoot any differently than what i own. >> clayton: tell us how you feel about that story. and weigh in on this story, super bowl sunday is one week away. we've been celebrating here on the show without any alcohol in our studio by the way. nok next weekend maybe having some beer, but the mayor there, with a proposal wanting to ban a sale of hard alcohol and just as alcohol in general to go dry on super bowl sunday the city of san francisco-- no violence, no booze, what's left? if you don't know, a less fun country. this is what we're lacking here, maybe self-control. put this forward, it's possible that your team can play in the super bowl and you can have a drink without setting fire to anything. i'm throwing that out there. >> yes, you can, it's shocking. >> yes, you can, i have total faith in the people of san francisco. >> this is a result of the
5:13 am
world series back in 2011, remember the riots in san francisco. the mayor has gun bar to bar, some of the bars destroyed and talked so some of the owners what can we do as a general community to make sure that the bars are safe and the riots don't happen and trying to talk to them about eliminating more of the hard liquor. >> i get it. how many times have you watched a sporting event on television and feel like torching a police car. >> clayton: and maybe you're in the street and let's tip offer cars. let us know what you. we saw it in detroit after the red wings won the stanley cup, saw the riots and-- >> it's a nice country that people here are civilized and we don't need to behave like that. >> ainsley: no, we don't, but i'll say a lot of people don't behave correctly at the end of the-- >> do you need to punish the bar owners who are depending on that for the economy? >> no, i think that the bar
5:14 am
owners can hire security guards and handle it themselves if they want their bars to be safe. >> tucker: i'm drinking diet coke to be safe. >> ainsley: we'll hold you to that. and the court calling president obama's recess appointments unconstitutional. what does it mean? chris wallace will weigh in. >> clayton: miley cyrus' cover shoot raising some eyebrows this morning. did the former disney star go too far. ♪ ♪ it's a party in the usa. ♪ [old english accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! what are you doing? we doth offer so many discounts, we have some to spare. oh, you have any of those homeowners discounts? here we go. thank you. he took my shield, my lady.
5:15 am
these are troubling times in the kingdom. more discounts than we knoweth what to do with. now that's progressive.
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5:17 am
icht. >> clayton: welcome back. in a bombshell decision, the court ruling three appointments by president obama unconstitutional. how important is that? joining us is chris wallace.
5:18 am
>> hey, guys. >> clayton: how big of a deal is it for the president? the first sort of stain on his second term so far, but there is a long history of presidents doing this, but when were the recess appointments put through, with an it really a recess? >> yeah, yes and he no. the suit was filed by a private businessman in washington state because he was unhappy with the decision by the national labor relations board and the national labor relations board needs three members and the president appointed three members in a recess appointment in january of 2011, but he did it at a time when the senate was holding these pro forma sessions every three days or so, knock the gavel and meet for 30 seconds and shut down, but they said that meant they weren't in recesses with these sessions and the businessman in washington said it wasn't a real recess and he filed suit. now, the court of appeals didn't say it was just because
5:19 am
of that. they said in fact that the president can only announce a recess appointment during the tween sessions and during the year end. and this is something that has never been observed before more than a hundred years, and the senators have done it and he had a narrow point when was the senate in recess, but the court of appeals basically said the president has very sharply restricted recess appointment powers. in any case, the real significance of this is it means that the work that the nlrb has done, over 3,000 rulings may be invalid because the court says the appointment of the three members was unconstitutional. >> well, the president does the not get to decide when coping is in session or not. what is the president and administration going to do now? are they going to take it to the highest court? >> two choice, either one, appeal it to the full circuit court of appeals here in washington and there are a variety of circuit courts, but the one in washington is
5:20 am
considered the most powerful. they can appeal it to the full d.c. federal court of appeals or go to the supreme court, and of course, this is a big ruling. it's a question, does the president decide when the congress is in recess or does the congress decide when they're in recess. and it will be very interesting to see. this are precedents on both sides, so it's not a slam-dunk. >> ainsley: what a mess. they definitely need to get to the bottom of that and fix it, i don't know how they'll reverse all of the decisions, hundreds of decisions could be null and void. we'll follow this. how about fox news sunday, what's coming up on your show today, chris. >> we'll discuss, ands you've pointed out the president was riding high with the inaugural address, let me explain not what i was going to talk about, women in combat, a fascinating debate, colonel martha mcsally the woman on the left first combat pilot served in iraq and afghanistan and jerry boykin one of the original rangers in the army
5:21 am
and head of u.s. special forces at one point and they'll debate the question of women in combat and then we'll talk about the president's second term agenda and of course this court of appeals ruling, two key senators, dick durbin, democrat of illinois and bob mccoy. and cops wanted him for trashing hotel rooms and randy quaid ran for the border and now canada is giving him the boot. what next? >> sorry, clark. >> ainsley: for these girls, it's is family affair. and they brought a championship home. the four sisters, quads, next. ♪ and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke.
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5:25 am
>> welcome back, quick headlines for you. a new york mother of two travelling first time ever vanishes. the family says she never showed up for her flight from turkey and all of her belongings were still in her room at a hostel. terrible news for taxpayers in illinois, standard & poor's downgrading the state's credit rating from a to a-minus with potential to fall further and puts illinois last in the entire u.s., the tapes it means a $95 hit to your wallet. >> ainsley: a family affair on the basketball court for these sisters, they're quadruplets helping lead the lady pilots. >> monique, morgan, messina
5:26 am
and mikaila. and the question? my mind. how fun is it. >> it's fun. >> it looks fun. >> it is, yes. >> we're never alone. >> and you're in high school. >> yes. >> who is the oldest by a minute. are you the true oldest. >> no, i am. >> the order we're born in. >> really. >> and who is the bossy one. >> mikayla. >> and who is the athlete. >> yes. >> and how about your other three sisters. >> monique is outgoing, morgan is funny and racina is the fashionista. >> ainsley: i can tell you look adorable. you're playing on the same too many and how many people play on the basketball you're like five-- >> and one other person. >> you're on the court at the
5:27 am
same time. >> the other day actually us four and the other girl and i liked it. >> yeah. >> and one last night? >> yeah, won last night. >> and again, group-- >> it was a big game and that makes us have home advantage, so-- >> and do you coordinate and anticipate one another's moves on the court. >> yes. >> and like we're reading each other's mind. >> an unfair advantage. >> and yeah it's easier. >> and do you have other brothers and sisters. >> no, just us. >> do your parents, what's the story there? what was their story? they just wanted some babies and they got four the at one time. >> got lucky with us. >> they couldn't have children. my mom couldn't have for the eight or nine years, and supposed to be five of us, but that one died. >> oh. >> so, are you going to go it college together? >> no, i want to go to college
5:28 am
with-- >> together? >> i need to be alone by myself and experience things by myself. >> i love your personality. but then you don't want to go alone. >> no, i want to go with her. >> i want to go with her, but i need alone time. >> and tucker has four kids. >> you do? >> yes, but different ages. >> always a party at your house i'm sure. >> always. >> what about boyfriends, one dates a guy and you break up, and you're allowed-- >> no, we don't do that. >> there are ground rules. >> her boyfriend and her boyfriend are like my brothers. >> and you love one, all of you. >> how does your dad handle having all of the girls. >> i feel for him. >> and one time we painted his toenails pink while he was sleeping. >> and dads worry, they stress about money, worried about having four weddings, worried
5:29 am
about four girls in school. >> and when we go out shopping, get your checkbook, dad, come on. >> tucker: how does he respond to that? i have three daughters he must be a very-- must be a very great man. >> he can't say no, so cute. >> tucker: i hope you respect and worship him. >> always. >> ainsley: what about your basketball coach does he love your dad for providing the team. >> she. >> ainsley: she, why i said he. >> and pats him on the back and-- >> we'll be following you. you're fantastic. >> thank you. >> ainsley: thanks, girls. >> tucker: coming up a smooth talking crook who escaped from prison not once, but twice using the same bizarre stunt. and he pulled it off. where is he hiding today. >> ainsley: the super bowl is one week away so we're firing up the grill and show you what
5:30 am
to cook up for the big game when we come back. ♪ ♪ my, my, my sherona ♪ here we go. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek.
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♪ >> this c1 ♪ >> this past monday millions
5:34 am
of americans watched barack obama took the oath of office for his second term as president of the united states of america and this coming monday, the party really starts! hey, everybody, it's me, your vp joe biden and i'm inviting you all to join me this monday at the dover motor speedway in dover, swear for a little party i like to call the bash. this one is about fun. we are going to have cotton candy, an amateur dog show, an abandoning castle. do you think you can jump higher than me, find out in the game i call, do you think you can juu t higher than me and be sure to join me for my kung fu exhibition! biden time, oh! >> that's a show i'd watch. >> ainsley: he is one of the best on "saturday night live." >> clayton: such a gregarious guy, you had i'd like a show
5:35 am
with him. >> tucker: the vice-president. >> ainsley: and kristin wigg in there, too. and overnight. 80 people have died, 200 injured after a fire rips through a nightclub in santa maria, brazil. take a look at the video, this is the ajurermath coming into the news room. smoke was pouring from that rightc and rescuers trying to break down the walls and officials say it was advanced by a band's fireworks display, this happened before. >> clayton: in rhode island. >> ainsley: the death toll could continue to rise as firefighters go over the scene. a nationwide manhunt underway for this ch y, this is rocky marquez, escaped from a jail and took cops days to notice he was gone. you know why? he switched wristbands with another inmate and about to go free and then marquez walked out of the front door. this isn't the first time he's pulled owal the stunt either, escaped ed fil in phoenix the same way. he was arrested in detroit,
5:36 am
and waiting extradition to phoened fi, wonder why the othe guy switched had women. >> neday." cl the wristband is the only thing you need in prison. >> ainsley: and canada is telling ranton quai have we don want you. >> it's the old homestead, 6 an
5:37 am
off the plane and landed on power lines in san francisco and burned to a crisp. the plane released the banner and not known why. >> a great sale, by the way. . >> tucker: free advertising. >> clayton: can't buy that kind of advertising. >> rick: true, probably part of the deal. and drop it, and get everybody talking about it. all right, guys, a little chilly out here and talking about the ice storm across parts of the plains and there's going to be another story this week that's going to develop and it's january, he i want to give people a heads up on this. on tuesday severe weather from around australia texas by the way south of chicago and dealing with a threat. possibly for tornados on tuesday. so, kind of a severe weather outbreak and goes into wednesday and also moves farther up towards the east,
5:38 am
from mobile, alabama or just north of that up to around philly, that entire area dealing with threats not as much for tornados, but damaging winds and hail. and watch that mid week. and today, across the northeast, we've got kind of a nice day, we'll say nice compared to what it's been. it's been cold, 10 to 15 degrees and great news and sunshine. down to the southeast, lots of sunshine and we'll see nice temperatures across texas and the central gulf coast and out to florida, as well. in towards the plains, this is the trouble spot. ice storms around iowa, illinois and southern wisconsin make for dangerous travel conditions and stay off the roads if you can at all. no way to get across that ice. we'll see snow to the northern area of that and behind that warmer temperatures and move in. across the west we'll remain unsettled and rain across the deserts and some snow across the higher elevations and
5:39 am
tucker, send it to you inside. >> tucker: don't believe the rumors about a wing shortage for the super bowl because we've got wings, many wings and show you how to make them like the pros. and joining us is mike from hurricane grill and wings. mike? this doesn't look that complicated, but walk me through it. if i want to make all-star professional level wings? >> well, it's all about the type of wings that you get and hurricane grill and wings, we have only fresh wings, never frozen and they're the jumbo wings, get good oil and fridayers, and we prefer soy bean oil and 350 degree heat. >> you don't put the onions rings and fried clams in. >> nice, fresh oil. make sure it's hot 350 degrees. make sure you've got a lot of sauces. over 30 different flavors. >> tucker: whoa. >> we don't call our service, we call them flavor consultants and what we try to do is introduce the flavor to
5:40 am
everyone's life. >> tucker: flavor like on beer. >> yes, we try flavored everything and we have our sliders and crab cake slider with old bay sauce on it. >> tucker: love it. >> and the fresh with sweet mesquite dry rub on top which is really, really good and hurricane cocktails, we use barefo barefoot merlot and guava. >> tucker: we have not touched. >> this morning. and let's have sauce on here, the gold rush sauce. >> tucker: sure. >> and now, this is all in the wrist, okay? >> it's all in the wrist. >> that's right. and then-- no, that's not right. okay. and let me get some sauce in here. okay. >> put some sauce in here and improvise. >> a dry rub with habanero.
5:41 am
>> tucker: just like that? >> yes. >> tucker: okay, it's wrist. hit the surfboard. we're making these for clayton. >> this is it. so you get-- >> and what's the-- and i dropped a couple of wings on the floor. back and forth. perfect. >> and here we are. you get your wings. >> tucker: fantastic. >> and put them in here. >> tucker: smiles delightful. okay, good, that was easy enough. >> yeah. >> tucker: awesome, well, thank you, mike. >> you're welcome. >> just to restate for viewers who might be confused. there's not a wing shortage in in country. mike can help you out. clayton. >> clayton: bring those to me, by the way. stick around for the after the show show because i'm hungry, you're going to stick around. >> absolutely. >> clayton: thanks to folks at hurricane wings, coming up, should a chapel have to remove the across if people who don't
5:42 am
worship there find it it offensive? father john is here with that. and something else that could be potentially offensive, miley cyrus' cover shoot for cosmo, did the former disney star go too far for that. ♪ ♪ aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them.
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>> welcome back, kwuk headlines for you, starting today buying something with your credit card could cost you more. and merchants are able to add a surcharge up to 4% to your receipt as a result of a settlement reached between major retailers and credit card companies who should foot the bill on credit card processing fees. check it out miley cyrus showing a lot of skin on the upcoming issue of cosmo, in this dishes about her fiance liam hems where the reportedly calling her her buddy and the
5:46 am
pair rumored to have held a secret wedding ceremony, but both are denying. >> clayton: she said secret husband not buddy. hubby. >> ainsley: said hubby, i said buddy. that's wrong. >> clayton: you're for given. >> ainsley: high hubby is my buddy. >> tucker: and the u.s. army forced to remove all christian symbols from a chapel in afghanistan and is the p.c. police going too far? and joining us with his thoughts, religious contributor father jonathan morris. of all the problems in afghanistan right now, why is the u.s. military spending its time removing crosses? >> because they're being forced to by activist groups a you're probably going to make me look like the liberal anti-christian guy on this one, you're wrong. >> tucker: probably not, but-- >> i actually come down on the
5:47 am
fact -- on the point of these groups. okay? which they're very wrong, but they're saying there's only one chapel in afghanistan, for example, on a base and there are multiple religions who want to use that chapel or sacred space then there should be no permanent religious symbol on the extearer or interor because it's used by others. and i would say not because i would like everyone to have lots of different views and-- but no, it's to protect the constitution, which is the government should not establish one religion over another, in this case, i think it's a good thing. if there are many different religious beliefs represented they should not establish one over the other. >> ainsley: what building is this? isn't it a chapel? >> they could use that sacred space for different groups. if you have a cross outside of the chapel used by many
5:48 am
different religious groups, including jewish and muslim then you're saying this is just for christians. >> is the answer not to remove the cross, to have the inclusion of all religious symbols there, how difficult would that be. >> the policy is that there's no permanent symbols and then once the religious service is going on, put up crosses, crucifixes, whatever religious symbol you want. >> you're looking at me, you're going, you're crazy. >> tucker: no, i don't think you're crazy, now, in general and i see your point absolutely. and i think it corrupts religion when government becomes entapingled. there's something creepy the federal government blocking out crosses. it does seem like the first amendment conflicts the. we don't want to establish religion, but don't we have-- >> absolutely, but you have to be practical as well. if there are four different church groups which disagree
5:49 am
with each other major things, including the religious symbol and only one you're in afghanistan on a military base, yes, i think there should be a space that's neutral and when it's your time to have that religious service do whatever you want to that space. another places for the academy, several different churches, dedicated churches and that should not go away. >> you're siding with the atheists here. >> we shouldn't say i am for or against atheists in my case as a christian, religion, we should respect the principles of democracy not because it's perfect, but the best institution for a disorder society. and not just christian-- >> that's right. >> father jonathan morris, thank you. >> a big peace sign. >> i know, and people say you can go to ask father jonathan on twitter and yell and scream
5:50 am
at me like you like to do. >> thanks, father. >> and this movie, did you see argo. >> i did. >> a huge hit at the box office, showing how american hodges secretly escaped from iran. coming up, one of the real life people that movie is based on is going to join us live. >> tucker: with valentine's day around the corner, a lot of people are looking for love online. our next guest has a warning, there's a good chance you could be getting scammed. ♪ ♪ it's a shame the way you mess around ♪ . ♪
5:51 am
[ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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5:53 am
>> welcome back. manti te'o is not alone when it comes to falling victim to a hoax of love. thousands fall victim to
5:54 am
online scammers all the time and some are doing it for profit. former new york city detective harry hauck is here to tell us what is going on. >> good morning. >> clayton: what is going on? there are all of the scams, especially during valentine's day and people are feeling a little more vulnerable online looking for love and getting scammed. >> you've heard of love at first sight. this is love at first byte, b-y-t-e, i call it. hundreds are going online to look for love. what is happening the scammers are taking advantage of the people. and basically what happens, you might answer an e-mail or a wink from somebody, all right? and you start a conversation with them. all right, they're looking for people that fall in love fast. okay. so once they see like, within a day or two, you're falling
5:55 am
in love with them. you know, online. then, they start asking you the questions, they want to know everything about you. you know nothing about them and they know everything about you. all right after a period of time they start asking you for money. >> clayton: falling in love. the graphic we put up there within 24, 48 hours, vulnerable online and get a random emergency through a social network or something, you jump on that, someone is interested in me. >> right. >> clayton: i'm having a conversation with this person and they see you as a gold mine and they move in and want you to start to do things, send money in some capacity. >> these guys are overseas, all right? and they might tell you at first, like listen, you know, i'm from your area of the united states, but now i'm working overseas and that's why you've got to send the money overseas and they might say i'm overseas and i want to come and see you, i love you, i've lost my wallet, have no access to cash, please wire me the money and you guys want
5:56 am
you to wire the money, that's cash in their pocket. >> clayton: are people doing this? this amazes me as a former detective. there are people falling for this and joke about it on twitter, a barster wants me to wire him money and say it as a joke. there are people who think somebody needs to wire $10,000 to nigeria. >> these romance scams are into the number one. the typical scam about $9,000 a person and keep going on and on and somebody you've never met. won't skype you, okay? >> this is like manti te'o all sort of joking how you have the fake girl friend, but this is happening all the time. >> right, and they always use photos from the internet, modeling sites. they'll put up pictures of a model or something like that,
5:57 am
some extraordinarily beautiful person and you think this person is interested in me, all right? and you're talking to somebody probably in nigeria who might be a male or female you have no idea. and the scam goes on for long periods of time. once you send them money, all right, they're going to come after you again for more money and more money until you finally get wise to this. >> clayton: thanks for breaking this down for us. i had no idea. and former n.y.p.d. detective doan become a scammer's dream this valentine's day. >> thanks. >> don't expect the price of milk to drop down, and the government is cracking down on doors that sell it to cheaply. and is this the way for your children, public humiliation? some parents say it works. ♪ all i'm asking for is respect when you come home ♪ ♪ when you get home, just a little bit ♪ ♪ just a little bit ♪
5:58 am
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6:03 am
if you are thinking it's january not typically a severe weather season we need to be prepared for this one. it could potentially be a significant storm system and
6:04 am
outbreak for us. by wednesday it moves off toward the east. look at that a really huge swath looking for the threat of severe weather when the storm prediction center issues this kind of a scenario this far out it gets us watching it more closely as well. lots to track here today, tomorrow, tuesday, wednesday for much of this coming week. thank you so much, rick. i know you will keep us posted. now for the rest of the headlines while north korea threatens to test nuclear weapons the u.s. military doing testing of its own. >> 3, 2, 1. >> you aring looking at the launch of a missile designed to take out a threat. the test was a successful display of our ability to destroy any missile threat from north korea or from iran. >> stay strong and stay together. that is the call to republicans from their former vice
6:05 am
presidential nominee. paul ryan speaking at the national review coming through yesterday. he said unity is the only way to rebound from an election loss to president obama. >> we won't play the villain in his morality. we have to stay united. we have to show that if given the chance we can govern, that we have better ideas. >> ryan telling the gop they must try to fit their ideas into the president's proposal while rejecting some outright. some of the hottest topics, healthcare and limiting the government spending. hillary clinton has been called first lady, senator and secretary of state. what about noble peace prize winner. a petition popped up on-line urging the noble committee to recognize hillary and her husband bill for their humanitarian work around the globe. meanwhile democrats posted their own on-line tribute to her. on the web site they posted their own petition to thank clinton as she is stepping down as secretary of state.
6:06 am
those are your headlines. >> thank you so much, ainsley. a supermarket you know well in the south. the fresh market. ainsley was enlightening us about. it's beautiful. flowers, fresh gourmet coffee. an experience to go shopping there. >> a little pricey. >> they would be having a sale for milk. 2.99 sale for a gallon of milk. you go in pick up other items you will save a little money on milk. not so fast. state regulators are put the smack down on your cheap milk if you live in the south. >> kind of amazing. the rationale of course is that milk is a commodity it is supported by u.s. taxpayers. we guarantee them a bottom price for it. this is a moment when commodity prices are very high. in case you haven't gone to the grocery store in the last five years your food bills are higher than they used to be. it tries to give consumers a deal helping people and the government swoops in and says
6:07 am
that's illegal. >> you can increase it as much as you want but you can't decrease it. you have to pay for -- you can increase the costs and you have to include the shipping cost as well. it's the commodity like you said the lobbyists they have the power. >> it is mind blowing to me. say i was going to go into business and create clothing. you can see me. i could go into fashion. start designing shirts or something. but i know how much it's going to cost me to produce those shirts. i am going to sell it for a small profit and do what i am going to do. for the government to tell me i can't have a sale on the shirts maybe i want to sell them at cost during christmas holiday to drive up traffic or something. it's absurd to me state regulators can come in and have this much sway of what i am doing with my goods. >> how much sway lobbyists have. they have convinced them to make it illegal to sell it at a certain price. that benefits the people who paid for the lobbyists and it shafts the consumers. >> the dairy farmer's lobby.
6:08 am
>> it's one of many. i like the dairy people. they are nice people they are good americans but they are one of many lobbies who pay money in order to get government subsidys in order to get government sum on the scale and who gets hurt in all of this? people who buy milk which is everybody. >> and they are getting subsidies also. >> and it hurts you most you have these little with usi ones at home. >> we have the amount of work we have bottles and milk at night. the fact that cheese needs to be subsidized in this country. is cheese hurting? chiez is delicious. it is not hurting. do they really need a break that way at a time when we are trying to have austerity measures in this country. >> are they ever going to hurt? >> next time you pass a gas station ethanol you pass a windmill farm next time you do virtually anything. products all around us are subsidized paid for by you and me and you because lobbyists paid off legislatures.
6:09 am
>> is the extra cost worth it? we have legislatures making sure our milk is safe and cheese is safe and it's home grown when using milk when it is made here in america. >> safety is an entirely different question. most people would agree the government has an interest in making sure you don't get poisoned. this has nothing to do with it. safety has everything to do with money for the industry. >> this is the law in louisiana. requires the retailer the price markup has to be at least 6 percent above the invoice and shipping costs for that product. you think if you own a grocery store you are able to charge whatever you want for the milk, you have already bought it. >> think again, ainsley. >> the government is making me lactose intolerant. (mooing sound) >> we do something stupid we get grounded for a week. >> happens to some more than others. >> perhaps. my sister a lot she was grounded a lot. but now there seems to be this new movement among parents. maybe it's the pervasive nature of youtube or getting videos out
6:10 am
there or trying to drive traffic for themself ors their own faces are out there where parents are pub clickcal publicly shaming her kids. he was so tired of his daughter missing curfew he wore a t-shirt that said try me. >> that girl is going to be on the shrink's couch for the rest of her life. she is going to have daddy issues you can't even measure. >> i am for discipline. i believe in discipline. i think children need it and want it. but putting your face on a t-shirt that your teenaged daughter wears is a recipe for resentment. >> maybe it's to show all of her friends my dad is tough but also to tell the boys out there try me. a you better get my home early. >> cleaning the guns when your daughter gets ready to go out. >> i think you are totally right. all of the books and research
6:11 am
shows the kids need structure. discipline and structure. not exactly corporal punishment but they need structure. this to me seems like a failure of parenting. something happened along the way she was hands off dad. now she is willie nillie showing up past curfew now he's putting his iron fisted dad down. >> that happens to every kid. the most militant father in the world is going to have the kids sometime they ares not going to come home when they are supposed to. they may be 30 minutes late or whatever. this is his way of getting her -- >> you ever miss curfew? >> never had one. but i think embarrassing your teenaged daughter -- >> that will make a statement on every parent. every child is different every parenting -- who are we to say how he should parent. he knows what's best for his child. >> is publicly shaming her a good motivation? >> you never know.
6:12 am
he said yes and profanity in front of that. >> that's it. >> it is easy for you to say that because you probably did everything right. >> no, i didn't. we had a healthy respect. lick tucker was saying he didn't have a curfew it was a mutual understanding about respect. >> not every kid is like that. >> you want to pick a few rules and you want to ruthlessly enforce them. kids can't keep track of the federal register not keep track of too many rules. take a couple principle based rules and you quickly ruthlessly make sure they are followed. i don't think putting the face on the shirt -- i think that is a failure. >> you feel sorry for the kids walking on the side of the road with the poster board hanging around his neck that says i cheated in school. >> tell us how you feel about it. >> coming up, the movie argo is a huge hit at the box office. great movie if you haven't seen it showing how american hostages secretly escaped from iran.
6:13 am
one of the men this movie was based upon will be here live with us. >> then you saw this man's remarkable half court shot scored him 75 grand and a bear hug, a tackle really from lebron james. he recovered from that. he will be in the studio this hour. or that printing in color had to cost a fortune. nobody said an all-in-one had to be bulky. or that you had to print from your desk. at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use. it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing.
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>> the movie argo tell as story of how a cia agent was able to help 6 americans hostages escape from iran by pretending to be hollywood issues. >> where were you born? >> toronto. >> what's your job? >> producer. >> associate producer. >> what's the last movie you produced. >> who paid for that. what's your middle name. what's your middle name. shoot him, he's an american spy.
6:17 am
>> joining us now is someone who lived through that ordeal. jack is one of the 6 americans rescued and also author of "the house guest." thanks for joining us. give us your assessment of the movie's accuracy. do you think it was true to life? >> parts of it are true to life, parts aren't. i thought it was a good balance of showing the facts when they opened with what looked very much like real historical sequences, the attack on the embassy and then of course the hollywood part i can only guess from what tony mendez has told me. it was reasonably accurate except for some of the characters. but the main dramatization takes place at the airport as we are trying to leave, and i think it was necessary, because how else do you make a thriller when everybody else knows the ending. everybody knew we got out. so they had to jazz it up.
6:18 am
>> so it wasn't necessarily that tense at the end when you are trying to board a swiss airflight. >> no. actually the airport was really smooth. we had only one hick up and that was we were told the flight would be delayed 3 hours after we had cleared everything including security and we are waiting for the bus. that was kind of -- obviously disconcerting but the delay ended up being more like 30 minutes. it was a long 30 minutes but we could live with that. didn't have much choice. but otherwise>> were you surprised someone living in iran at this point how quickly the country went from a form of democracy to an islamic dictatorship? >> no, actually not. that is in fact the big mistake we made. the people on the ground at the embassy understood the
6:19 am
alternative to the shaw was an islamic dictatorship. people at the state department thought there was a chance for the secular democratic opposition to actually form a government and stay in power and that turned out of course not to be true. it was a big point of disagreement between the embassy and washington. >> when you are sitting in the theater again watching this film argo for the first time and you lived through this event, having rif lived in the canadian embassy stuck there worried you were going to be killed, any information got out about your whereabouts, what did you think as you were rewatching your life on the big screen? >> it was interesting to see how i am portrayed, how they made the group dynamic work in compared with the reality. obviously in fact we were split
6:20 am
between two houses. i realize they couldn't do that for the purposes of the dramatic effect in the film it wouldn't work, but it was still actually scareyer than the reality. we had a pretty good time during the three months we were hiding with the canadians. they took excellent care with us. while there were tense moments here and there for the most part it was a boredom was the main enemy not fear. >> mark, thank you so much for joining us. i appreciate it. >> thanks, mark. >> thank you. >> his book called "house guest" his account of being trapped in iran. >> when we come back, surprise from a good samaritan who traveled across this country and the kids who saw their christmas dreams come true. >> you have a ton of coupons on-line deals there's a place
6:21 am
you can turn those unused coupons in for cash without buying a thing. you have to hear about this. we will tell you coming up. copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair.
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if you're still having difficulty breathing, ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at
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6:24 am
>> for some kids in the hard hit rockaway new york area. they got a surprise from a cross country santa. his name is james brennan he joins us along with two of the families who lost their home in sand see. raise your hand.
6:25 am
we have kevin and melissa. we have jake, chloe, kevin and shaner the four kids. then we have the courtney family. wave to the crowd. we have joe, loretta, maze zee, julia and hue we. we are going to talk to you in a minute. what did you do for these families and why? >> we have had a lot going on. yesterday was a special day. a friend of mine paul said that we up loaded about 5 presents for each kid. they got that pick their top 5 toys. they made a list. we up loaded 1500 presents. there was about 300 families. >> 300? we got every single guest. >> talking it christmas in the rockaways. >> you live in san diego. what was it about the rockaways that struck you? >> i was born and raised there. my family also lived there. when i saw what was going on i knew i would be able to help
6:26 am
out. i left a couple days after the storm and showed up with truckloads of generators and water pumps. >> how did you come up with the idea of christmas? >> christmas, we were working on the house i asked what they were getting for christmas melissa very quickly said they are getting heat and hot water. she was pretty serious. so i realized they weren't going to have much of a christmas and that's when i kind of put the idea together. >> so what was your reaction? >> yesterday it was christmas in the rockaways. the children got 5 gifts each. what was your thoughts? >> it was great. smiles from here to ear wanted to know where they came from they were happy. >> what were the presents? >> they issued for the stars. this was a wish list they weren't sure they were going to get it. what were your favorites? >> an ipad. >> what was your favorite? >> a bike. >> how about yours? >> i touch.
6:27 am
>> these are extravagant gifts. >> how about you? >> an ipad. >> what was your reaction when james comes from san diego with all of the gifts? >> you are blown away with the kindness and generosity. you have people think about you and all of the level of destruction that was in the rockaways and going beyond that. if we could keep smiles on the kid's faces we know we will all get back together eventually. >> your children are just beautiful. the silver lining is you still have each other and you have your family. what wiabout your house? you are still homeless? >> we are not home yet. it will be a while. our house was totally destroyed by the floods. we have to deconstruct before we reconstruct. it will be a while. we are fortunate we have some family members that we are living with now. we are making the best of it. >> who is living with the in-laws? how is that going? >> it's going good. >> your parents? >> okay, how is it going?
6:28 am
>> no i am kidding. i am kidding. thank goodness for family. there are a lot of people that are still homeless. >> we have cops and firemen out there in rockaway. i would like to see the government officials really step in and we been disappointed. we have been surprised the lack of effort these are the people that are the backbone of the city. to me to come across the country to help families get back in their homes by christmas. you think the city an the state could do a lot more. >> how did you raise the money? >> we raised a million and a half dollars so far. >> how did you do it? >> a lot of personal friends a lot of phone calls. san diego has been great for the town of rockaway. there's a lot of work to do. i certainly can'to it. >> is there a web site? >> we are putting everything through catholic charities of the diocese in new york. >> you are really sweet. god bless you. thank you for doing this for
6:29 am
these families. i know you feel the same way. >> coming up a story that will remind you have this scene from a science fiction movie. remember this? the government under pressure from peta plan to release the lab chimpanzees into the woods. he scored a check for 75,000 dollars. how about that, kids. the man who showed up lebron james. tackleed by leb bonn james. he is going to join us on the couch. see if he can do it again. shoot it, shoot it. around 2% to m anage your money. that's not much, you think. except it's 2% every year. go to e-trade and find out how much our advice and guidance costs. spoiler alert: it's low. it's guidance on your terms, not ours. e-trade. less for us. more for you. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪
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oo a here we go. flush >> that money shot landing a man 75,000 new reasons to smile. first sit down interview since that remarkable winning shot. >> i can't belief you got it. you found out a week before you were going to be a part of this contest. you practiced and practiced. you are successful. >> how was the practice session? >> trying to figure out -- get
6:34 am
my line and get the right distance and got some advice. >> did you hit any of them in the practice session? >> came right back at me. i think it went in. >> maybe won the entire week of practice and then you get out there for the real thing and you make it with the sky hook. >> i got some advice from the boys and girls club of america. put back spin on it and focus. >> were you surprise the not just to seng that remarkable basket but to be tackled. >> i wanted to meet him. >> you certainly met him. >> you woke up and he was on top of you. >> greatest thing in the world. got to meet the king. >> you didn't even know what hit you. is it all a blur to you? >> yes. >> it has to be. it's not really a blur. it is reality. here is what lebron james tweeted. he said helped my man michael with a sky hook from half court
6:35 am
for 75,000 dollar mark. >> you are on a first name basis. >> you have him on your speed dial? >> he's busy winning games. >> what are you going to do with it? >> bills, debt, government. >> 75,000 after uncle sam takes a chunk of it and state of illinois takes a chunk of it it is 53. >> dhauz rub you wrong? >> no. hopefully they are doing good things with it. >> you are still thinking hey i got 50 grand. >> yeah. >> what is your secret. not that i have ever been in this situation or any of us have been if you are praying really hard for something you want it to go your way were you on your knees before were you in church? >> like i say practice a couple times. arm was getting sore a couple
6:36 am
days here and there practice. >> do you credit ee vine intervention? >> no i credit frank joseph boys and girls club of maesh. >> what's the advice for those of us who want to make a half court shot? >> get the arm right get the ark roll it off your fingers get back spin-off of it. >> arizons easy as that. >> it is half time? >> third quarter. >> between the third quarter and 4th quarter on the side lines trying to win the game. they are going over their game plan they are not really paying attention with what's going on with the mascot in the middle of the court. you come out seems like every player on the court suddenly doesn't care about the game plan they are watching you. how did that feel? >> i wasn't watching them i was watching the go in and then lebron. >> when you went through what did you think? >> greatest thing in the world
6:37 am
that i was actually able to make one. >> was he tickling you? it looks that way. >> no we were just bear hugging. >> what was more great making the shot or lebron? >> both. how is it going lebron. now we are friends. >> you are so laid back about it. >> made the money shot. >> it is all cake from there. big thrill to watch the video the past few days on the show. we watched it probably 100 times and every time it's exciting. >> here is to a good 2013 buddy. >> rick is outside. >> have you ever been invited for a half court thing? >> 20-years from now when he is talk to his grand kids he will be talking about the 4r06 of
6:38 am
lebr -- love of relebron james n the money. >> take a look at the weather happens you can see what's going on. ice storm. iowa as you move forward in time we will be going into iowa and southern wisconsin. by tonight ice toward detroit and going into tomorrow morning ice will move across areas of pennsylvania then we will see snow in the northeast and behind that the temperatures will warm up tand melt the ice. take a look at today's forecast. across the northeast better. we will see a lot of sunshine temps warmer than it has been. not warm but warmer than it has been. it will be pleasant we will say. in the southeast it will be really nice. florida looking great texas looking great. mississippi, alabama all of the temperatures will be great.
6:39 am
into the northern plains we have the ice storm and the snow. across the west more rain. that will continue tomorrow. everybody out there needs to be prepared across the central plains and into the east for tuesday and wednesday. severe weather outbreak. guys, back to you inside. >> thank you so much. we begin your headlines with the fox news alert. 245 people are dead and hundreds injured after a fire ripped through a nightclub in santa maria brazil. take a look at the video and the aftermath coming into our newsroom. you can see smoke pouring out. those guys are trying to break through the side of a wall. of started by the band's fireworks display. the death toll could continue to rise as investigators are going over the scene. >> a nationwide manhunt for this
6:40 am
guy. escaped from jail. took cops days to figure out he has been released. isn't the first time. he escaped jail in phoenix the same day. he was arrested in detroit waiting extradition in phoenix where he faces a long list of charges. could the streets of louisiana one day look like this? more thoon 300 chimpanzees used by the government for research will be spending their days here louisiana called chimp haven a 200 acre national sanctuary. a committee under pressure from peta agreed to their release. they will have free reign to play on the jungle gyms ants relax to live music. musicians will be brought in to play for them. no word yet who is paying for
6:41 am
all of this. >> we have a musician in our studio. ask him if he will be -- >> he will be playing for us not the chimps. >> well pretty much the chimps. >> look at what must be the worst parallel parker of all time. cliefbing on the icy roads he's going to go back but not before hitting a few cars. he's aiming for the spot on the right side but hits a bunch of cars on the left side. no word on where this video was shot. somewhere cold i assume. >> i hope the person will tweet us and come on the show and tell us about his experience. >> he will be holding lessons have people sign up for parallel parking lessons. >> got coupons but no time to use them you can turn coupons into cash without buying a thing. >> he competed against thousands to win a recording session with a legendary producer.
6:42 am
josh doyle gets his big break he is here in our studio. you will hear him. >> he's goodment stick around for this. >> i like that he was truly a singer song writer in the true sense of the word. and now is when the gulf gets even bett. the beaches and waters couldn't be more beautil. take a boat ride or just lay in the sun. enjoy the wildlife and natural beauty. and don't forget our amazing seafood. soome to the gulf, you'll have a great time. especially in alabama. you mean mississippi. that's florida. say louisiana or there's no dessert. brought to you by bp and all of us who ca the gulf home.
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the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. the flu comes on fast, so ask your doctor about tamiflu. prescription for flu. >> do you find yourself spending a little too much money on coupons? if you are addicted to web sits like groupon and living social tell you how you can fiturn the deals in cold hard cash. >> you have great web sites that give us an opportunity to recoup some of that investment. there are a lot of coupons sitting in people's drawers they have done these deals they don't realize it. >> conservatively say about 1 in 5 vouchers of the daily deal coupons go unused. that shows you how impulsively we can shop on the web sites. you mentioned the web is a great
6:46 am
resource for cashing in on the unused vouchers. coup flip. this is the fastest way to cash in on the groupon or living social deal. it buys the deal from you instantly so you don't have to wait and sit around for a buyer. usually up to 70 percent of the face value of the deal. so if you paid 50 bucks you will get 70 percent back. how they decide how much they are going to pay you is based on the expiration of the deal. how popular the deal was and what the reviews on yelp have been for that business owner. recoup is another one. it is like the craig's list of these kinds of sites where you list your deal and you have to wait for someone whob interested and then you strike the deal off-line somewhere then maybe over the internet the phone. coupon in the mail. >> it is a little more on you. >> it is really on you with craig's list. also ebay. use those sites as well? >> yeah, those sites aren't as focused as these other two that
6:47 am
i mentioned. looking for cars and houses. so the daily deal vouchers get lost in the mix. >> we don't wind up with all of the coupons laying around on-line never going to use. we have tips to get through how to use the stuff not fall into the trap in the first place. >> the best deals are the ones that have the following criteria that are hyper local. it is a merchant near your home or office within a five mile radius. if you have to go to another neighborhood or even 10 miles out you probably aren't going to get excited to go. you are going to find excuses to not do it. >> advertise your unused deal like on facebook as well. >> why not maximize on twitter or facebook. e-mail friends and family to see if anybody is interested in transferring these deals. a quick note for those expireed by law you have to get back how much you paid for that voucher. if you used 50 for a $100 gift
6:48 am
card and that self cat has technically expired you have to get 50 back for the merchant or they have to give you 50 worth of goods. >> buy general vouchers will less time restricting voucher dates. >> the long you are you have the more likely you will do it. if you have a deal from a restaurant that's a chain merchant that's a chain that's a better bet. >> great news. thank you for keeping the coupo coupons out of our digital dust bin. >> coming up on the show he won oo contest now he's a star. up and coming singer song writer josh doyle is here. big break. he's here to perform live for you. for the new mattress models
6:49 am
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>> he beat out 17,000 aspiring artists. it helps when you start writing use music at 13 as our next guest did. josh doyle joins us live. >> you have had quite a run over a year, year and a half. >> it was a year ago. i was weighting table five months ago while i was in the big shop studio. >> where were you waiting tables? >> in nashville. >> tell me about the competition and how you heard about it how you entered the competition? >> well, it was just by chance i went to a guitar center they had a competition on a local pamphlet. i stuck a video in and i won it. it was very exciting. >> what did the fellow waiters think?
6:53 am
>> they are cheering when i won. they are probably watching today. >> you have met a lot of celebrities performed on tv. >> lots of that stuff. it keeps getting better and better. i am going to england to do a little tour in march and twoidoa big headliner show in nashville february 16th. it has been crazy. there are a million things that have gone on i can even remember. >> it all changed in one moment. >> we are not going to tackle you like lebron james did. >> the song you are singing what is it called? >> southern storms. >> he is so talented andy has an -- and he has an accent. you are so precious, so cute. ♪
6:54 am
6:55 am
♪ ♪
6:56 am
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